Worst Possible Causes Of Lower Back Pain – Learn about the causes

You might have felt pain in your lower back at some stage of your life or you are still suffering from back pain then you must have experienced the pain and its psychological effects. Almost 80% of the world population is affected with this disorder and almost every person gets affected by this disorder at least once in their lifetime. Male and female both are equally at risk of getting back pain.

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Lower back pain also abbreviated as LBP is a condition where lower part of your back gets affected by different pain causing factors. These factors can be of any type like physical factors, medical factors or disease factors. The chances of back pain is higher when you are standing and its lesser when you are sitting because when you stand up for hours then your spine bears more pressure comparing to sitting condition and it causes more pressure on your muscle and then these muscle causes back pain. As you get older your bones, muscles and spines receive more pressure because these elements start getting weaker and that causes pain on your back. Intensity of this pain can be mild to severe and it can strike you suddenly when you are engaged to any uncomfortable work or it can be chronic disorder which can be classified a long term disorder and this kind of pain is often resistant to medicine.

Today we will talk about some of the worst possible causes that trigger LBP but before we get into lets discuss something about it. Whatever causes we are going to discuss, none of these are common and sure cause of back pain because it’s very hard to identify the exact cause of back pain but all of them causes serious back pain symptoms that should not be ignored. Therefore below is the list of some worst possible cause of back pain:

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