Why Should I Buy Green Smoke E-Cigarettes?

Green Smoke is a well-known name in the world of US electronic cigarettes, and commercial success has come mixed reviews, but mostly good ones. I decided to give them a shot and try them for myself and you can see what I thought in the Green Smoke review.

There are quite a few starter kits available on a really easy to use and fresh-looking website. The first impression of this website is a good one, unlike that presented by the likes of SmokeTip. You’ll find five-man starter packs to get you started along with vape liquid and a range of disposables as well. I’ll get into those on another day…

I went with the Green Smoke Express Kit which was $46.72. I want to keep the reviews based on one kind of kit so you can get a fair comparison for each of them, so for the purposes of these, I’m looking at roughly two batteries and five cartridges with the appropriate charging options.

As well as the Express Kit you will find these:

First of all, this is a starter kit that gives you great value for money. When you compare it to some of the others that I’ve reviewed, you’ll soon see where I’m coming from. Halo, for example, offers their G6 two-piece e-cigarette for $44.99, and SmokeTip (who I didn’t rate very highly) had the most basic starter kits I’ve ever seen for almost $60!

The price ranges you can find with the various brands are utterly ridiculous sometimes.

Anyway, going back to Green Smoke and the two batteries, five cartridges, USB charger, and little handy carry case (which is actually quite nice looking and compact!) is pretty much all you’ll need to get yourself kick-started in your e-cigarette journey. You get one regular length battery and one extra-long length battery (with extra capacity… meant to be mean longer-lasting) and although you can choose between a black and green carry case, you only have the option of white batteries with a green-glowing kit.

What About The Battery?

You get one regular and one large in the starter kit, but you can add extras on too. One battery will set you back $15.71, but you can buy a pack of three for just $41.64. You can even buy designer batteries now with unique designs along with them although I’ll be honest, I wasn’t overly excited at the prospect of a fabulously colored one

Green Smoke doesn’t really give you a lot of information on any of their products on the website, which was something I didn’t particularly like, so I couldn’t really find any info on how long their batteries should last. I’ll be honest though, it wasn’t bad going

The smaller ones, with regular use (slightly more often than you’d probably smoke but with drawn-put bunches of puffs together throughout the day), lasted me for about three and a half hours which wasn’t bad going. With SmokeTip, for example, I only managed to get a couple of hours, if that

The longer batteries give you about five to six hours, and perhaps even more with smart usage. I was actually very impressed with the capacity these batteries had. Great job Green Smoke!

Tell Me About The Cartridge Refills…

You can choose your cartridge refill strength and flavor though.

Plus you can get a variety pack too if you’re not sure what flavors you’ll like.

It’s not the biggest range of flavors you’ll find, but each and every one of them taste just like it’s meant to. There’s nothing watery about the flavors and out of all of them, Vanilla Dreams, Smooth Chocolate, and Red Label Tobacco were the favorites within our team.

Mountain Clove was awful. It actually tastes like medicine, and not the good kind either.

There isn’t anywhere I found on the Green Smoke website to suggest how much usage you would get out of these cartridge refills, but I did find them to be pretty decent. most cartridge refills from other brands last for anywhere between two to five hours before they die off and lose flavor, and the Green Smoke ones faired quite high on the list, lasting for about four to five hours.

There are no e-liquids available from Green Smoke, and refilling your cartridges yourself will void your warranty. You should probably bear in mind that single packs of five cartridges will set you back just under $13 which is quite high. The average price for five cartridges is around the $10 mark.

I was using the 2.4% strength cartridges which I found sufficient enough for an “average” smoker, but you can get a few other strengths too – 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, and 0%.

Well, the cartridges were 2.4% as I mentioned, and I found that they actually gave off a fairly decent amount of vapor to be fair. Not too much that it dwarfs you in a cloud of smoke, but not so little that you are left feeling unsatisfied. Just the right amount I think – another job well done for Green Smoke.

The 2.4% was strong enough for me, although it did come across a little too ‘gruff’ for some of my friends, so perhaps maybe consider 1.8% if this is your first time. There’s nothing worse than being put off by an e-cigarette that’s far too strong for you to ever enjoy. When you encounter this, it actually hurts your insides when you breathe and makes you cough. It’s happened to me on plenty of occasions, normally when I refill a cartridge or tank and forget how strong it was to start with!

I really liked Green Smoke and as two-piece classics go, it did pack a pretty powerful punch. There’s a good amount of throat hit, a half-decent amount of vapor, it’s not a bad price and it really does give you a satisfying smoking experience.

I did wish that they had a few more flavors of cartridge refill available, and I’m also hoping to see some signs of a tank / personal vaporizer at some point soon. Let’s keep our ears and eyes peeled for some news?

I actually really enjoyed Green Smoke e-cigarettes and I was very impressed with what they delivered. Although I do hope to see liquids, tanks, and more variety coming up, what they do have to offer is of good quality and does what it says on the tin.

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