Why Exercise Regularly?

I was thinking about exercising today. I have a semi standard routine but I sometimes let the drama of the day get in my way. Today I thought to myself, “why do I really exercise regularly?” I have a cardio routine and a resistance training routine. I work out in a group sometimes. Sometimes I will get together with a buddy or my wife and work out. But, generally it is me by myself on my own time doing my own thing. When you do not have a work out partner you need to maintain a higher level of self motivation. So I was thinking what is my motivation to exercise regularly.

To Look Good.

I know you have done it, especially after a good work out. You have walked by a mirror and said to yourself “I LOOK GOOOOD!!!” I have. We all have done it. This the becomes a motivation to exercise regularly for me. But it is not my main motivation.

To Feel Good.

No matter how tired I feel after a good work out I feel good. When I work out to start the day, a good work out makes me feel good most of the day. After a stressful day at work I can channel my frustration and any built up stress. This makes me feel better. Of course when I get dressed and my clothes are clinging in the right place (which would be different for men and women) and I know I look good, I feel good. These positive feelings are a motivation to stay on top of my game, but they are not my main motivation to exercise regularly. These are the things that are very required in getting a very healthy life. If you are one of those people that are not able to get a strong health then you should go for the keto diet pills, this is because it is one of the best diet that will provide you tremendous benefits very easily. Adapt to is as soon as possible. 

To Lose Weight.

Regular exercise is a key component to lose weight and keep it off. With out it your weight loss program is not complete and will usually not succeed. I have been on a weight loss program for 8 months now. There was a point that i was dropping 4 to 5 pounds a week. Then every thing stalled. I reached a plateau or a brick wall. I know the problem was that I was not exercising regularly. When I began my regimen the weight continued to come off. Now I believe I am at my intended weight and I continue to work out and eat healthy and I am just maintaining my weight. But, I am building muscle and looking good. The weight loss is and was important to me but it still was not my motivation to do 30 to 60 minutes on the treadmill, lift weights twice a week, work out on my total gym twice a week and do push ups everyday.

Get Healthy

Yes, regular exercise helps you prevent cancer. Regular exercise reduces the risks of heart disease. Regular exercise lowers your blood pressure and your cholesterol. There are a long list of diseases that regular consistent exercise will help prevent or cure. As my father was going through his transition, I studied cancer and learned that regular exercise and eating a healthy diet would greatly reduce any risk of any cancer. This was my main motivation. This gets me out of bed and motivates me in the morning or at night.

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