What Magic Mushrooms Should You Eat and Should Not Eat?

Mushrooms are one of the food items that can be eaten in various ways and allows you to have different flavors. Different varieties of mushrooms include various aspects, and due to which some are considered as safe and some unsafe. It includes drugs which sometimes found harmful and make people face huge problems. Some mushrooms are eatable, and some are not, which you must avoid and should also have a safe life.

When you opt to buy magic mushrooms, you must know about those varieties and remain safe from those mushrooms that you must avoid. Some people face problems buying magic mushrooms, but no worries, you can opt for Amanita mushroom shop and tell people about how was your Amanita Muscaria Experiences? It will help you grab those varieties of mushrooms that are safe and allow you to change your taste.

You can stay connected and pay attention to the following points as it will help you learn about the various mushroom varieties that are safe and unsafe. Try to be attentive while considering the points to remain safe while buying magic mushrooms that are drugs-free. 

3 Acceptable Mushrooms 

  • Oyster Mushroom –

It is one of the most delicious mushrooms that looks like an oyster and is commonly found after the mushroom hunters. Many people love to eat this mushroom as it is full of good flavors and becomes more preferable when it gets cooked properly. 


  • Hen-of-the-Woods –

Another eatable or edible magic mushroom is hen-of-the-woods, also known as Grifola Frondosa or maitake. If you prefer to buy this mushroom from Amanita Mushroom shop, don’t forget to tell people about your Amanita Muscaria Experiences?


  • Sulphur Shelf Mushroom –

This mushroom is also known as chicken-of-the-woods or chicken mushroom. It looks like the chicken’s head area and is bright tallow or orange in color and has a meaty flavor.

5 Avoidable Mushrooms 

  • Autumn Skullcap –

It is also known as “Deadly Galerina,” and it is considered as one of the most poisonous mushrooms. Autumn Skullcap has a cap of brown color and grows on wood.

  • False Morels –

These mushrooms resemble true morals and which makes them more dangerous. Similar to true morals, it doesn’t look hollow when cut properly and seems to be scary.


  • Death Cap –

Death caps are one of the most poisonous mushrooms in the entire world, and if any death occurs due to mushrooms, then it is the only reason. To overcome this problem, you can consider Amanita mushroom shop to get safe mushrooms and share your Amanita Muscaria Experiences?


  • Death Angel –

It somehow related to death cap, and it mainly grows along the West Coast of the United States, so people over there must remain safe while eating mushrooms.

  • Conocybe Filaris –

This mushroom type grows in Europe, North America, and Asia and contains the same toxins as the death cap. It has a soft cap which is brown and seems to be a very beautiful mushroom. 

After considering the above points, you can understand the difference between acceptable and avoidable mushrooms. If you opt to buy mushrooms from Amanita mushroom shop, make sure you will tell people about your Amanita Muscaria Experiences? It will help them to learn about the various reviews to buy mushrooms from there.

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