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If You Don’t Know How Your Body Works

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Regardless of how much weight you might want to lose, you’ll no doubt run into the same confusing issues everyone else does. Should you cut down your calories? Should you reduce or eliminate your carbohydrate intake? Or should you just cut out fat? There is so much confusion out there that it’s no wonder dieters don’t know which way to turn. The checking of the reviews of the best appetite suppressants will provide enormous benefits to the individuals. You can consume less fat to have the benefits in reduction of excessive food. All the requirements are fulfilled to have the desired results. 

Well, obviously, not eating can and will kill you, if you keep fasting long enough. Some forms of juice fasts and even water fasting can be beneficial, but chronic fasting will harm your health. Particularly if you do any of this for long periods of time

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The body burns a certain amount of calories in any given day, so taking in less than you’re using will cause you to lose weight. The problem most people run in to with this approach is they become hungry all the time. Processed foods won’t keep you satisfied for very long and they are high in calories.

So eating three simple meals of 400 calories each will you a total of 1200 calories for the day. This is quite low for most men and women, but it will cause you to lose weight. Unfortunately, the three meals you choose to eat may not satisfy you, so you could end up feeling very hungry and be tempted to eat fatty and sugary snack

You could try eating five meals totaling just 250 calories each and that will help quite a bit. You’re not going so long between meal times, and you may not feel quite as deprived in the process. You have to be careful with your meal choices when going this route though because as I’ve said: modern processed foods are not overly low in calories. In fact, many quick snacks come close to having 250 calories all by themselves

So what about cutting fat then, and forgetting the calorie intake? The downside of the anti-fat diet is that eating foods with little to no fat will leave you hungrier than eating foods based on calorie totals. Also, an extreme anti-fat diet will cause health problems down the road.

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Fat helps fill you up and keep you feeling satiated for a longer period of time. But even worse, foods without fat tend to have many more “fillers” in the form of sugar and starch. Sugars and starches are processed by your body quickly, which means you’re hungrier again sooner. And many people make the mistake of thinking as long as they’re not eating fat, they can eat “non-fat” products anytime they’d like. In reality, they’re loading up on too many calories, and too much processed sugars and chemical-laden junk.

That said, of course there are fats you should limit in your diet. These are considered to be “bad” fats, and are called trans fats. Too many of these types of fat can cause health problems in addition to weight problems.

Now let’s look at the low carb issue. Eliminating carbs all together was all the rage years ago, but that’s not a wise move, as time has shown. Most of your healthy fruits and vegetables have at least some carbohydrates in them. So a better plan is to limit or restrict your carb intake instead of trying to eliminate it all together.

Diet Tip: Ditch all of the items with artificial colors, flavors or additives. Same for food products whose main ingredients require a scientific degree to read out loud! Know the meaning of key phrases on food products: bad words like trans fat, or words that end in ose (another word for sugar).

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