Weight Loss Key – Oprah Encourages Water

According to Health-emark.com, Oprah’s healthy weight loss diet can be summarized as low fat, no alcohol and drinking more water. Not many of us have Oprah’s resources and yet the program she adopted is one that most of us could afford to follow. If expensive products or fad foods were necessary or more productive, I suspect she would have gone with them.

Oprah’s trainer Bob Greene also advocates eliminating soda: “If you substitute one sugary beverage every day with water, that’s 38 pounds of calories a year that was just eliminated,” says Bob in an interview with ET’s Kevin Fraser.

Healthy weight loss

The key for Oprah as with anyone battling obesity is to make a healthy change. You may have seen sweat suits advertised for quick weight loss from sweating out water. Does this seem healthy or a lasting proposition to you?

Water is vital to the healthy functioning of the body. Even if you do end up drinking excess water, it passes through. Excess food has to be processed and stored before eventually being burned off which is takes a lot of energy. For maintaining a god health with weight-loss pills, the resurge reviews can be studied through the customers. The cravings of eating food are reduced and burning of the calories will happen. The functioning of the body is excellent to get a sound sleep and reduction in the excessive fat within the requirements.

Tips on incorporating water for healthy weight loss.

  1. Bob Greene suggests 64 to 80 ounces of water a day in his Summer Fitness Plan. Drinking more water in hot weather is suggested.
  2. Drink two glasses of water a half hour before each meal. The body’s signal for thirst and hunger pains is very similar and sometimes a person has the condition of dehydration but eats a snack or meal instead of taking in water. By separating thirst from hunger, you are better able to stop eating when full.
  3. Drink two glasses of water two and half hours after each meal.
  4. Substitute water for alcohol and soda. And coffee, tea, milk, juices etc. do not count towards your water intake goal. Water means plain water!

Salt and potassium

The body needs a proper ratio of salt to water. According to the author of “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” Dr. Batmanghelidj, it is vital to the process of healthy weight loss.

He contends that potassium comes in adequate quantities as long as you include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. In fact, he recommends that you don’t add any potassium supplements.

But salt doesn’t come in natural foods and must be supplemented. He recommends a half teaspoon of salt a day for every 10 glasses of water. Athletes know the importance of incorporating salt and staying hydrated with water.

Of course, too much salt is unhealthy so spread out the intake throughout the day.

Healthy weight loss and exercise.

Just substituting water for alcohol and soda and drinking more of it like Oprah and Bob Greene is a great step in the direction of healthy weight loss. If you are able to add sensible exercise, you can reach your healthy weight loss goals that much more effectively. Bob Greene advises a walking program as a great first step!

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