Video Gaming During Quarantine – What Are The Best Games You Can Play?

The quarantine has allowed us to spend a lot of time at home. We have received hundreds of hours to spend with our family members and loved ones who stay with us. Even the busiest of all men have made time for their home in this quarantine. But, in spite of so many things you can do at home during the quarantine, it can get boring at times and this is the time when you should start playing games. Yes! There are hundreds of games that you can play during the quarantine and recreate your time.

From killing your teammates in Among Us to finding capes on Minecraft, you have a myriad of games which are waiting to be played. So, in this blog we are going to show you the best games that you can play during the quarantine.


a fantastic game that brings out the creative side of your mind, Minecraft can be a real time killer during the quarantine. Explore new lands, meet new people on the servers, find out how to survive, keep away from the zombies and do a variety of other things to make sure that you are not threatened by anything. If you think that the survival mode is difficult, then you can shift to Creative mode. In this mode you have unlimited resources and health. So you can do whatever you want.

Among Us

a very popular game that has taken off last year is Among Us. It was released back in 2018, but it didn’t go viral until 2020. It now has millions of people playing on its servers everyday of the week. In this game you are put on a spaceship with other people and one or two of them is an impostor. That impostor will try to kill you all and win the game. As a team, it is your task to find that impostor before he/she kills everyone there. You can create your own server on this game and invite your friends to play with you.

8-Ball Pool

 nothing can get more fun and simple than playing the pool. Miniclip’s own creation, 8-Ball Pool, is the most downloaded pool game in the world. It has more than 500 million downloads and almost everyone knows about it. Take on the players from around the world in exciting 1-vs-1 matches, and also enter the tournaments to win trophies, cues and bigger rewards that will recharge your account. You can even challenge your friends to come and play with you in this fun pool game.


Fortnite is another game that is designed to be played with friends. You can add up to 3 team members to your squad and enjoy this well crafted Battle Royale game. Compete against 24 other teams in the same map and emerge as the champions. You have to find resources, upgrade your skills and kill the enemies in order to emerge victorious. When you win the Battle Royale, it gives you a whole lot of rewards and in-game elements as well.

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