VE-1 Vocal Echo Effects Pedal

  • Several types of ambiance effect with adjustable parameters to suit the timbre of your voice
  • Create depth with your vocals by using the double-tracking feature
  • Carefully crafted presets for live and recording applications
  • Easy to use, with additional advanced features for greater control
  • Internal memory for storing settings
  • USB audio port for connecting directly to your DAW of choice
  • Battery or AC power supply allows you to play anywhere
  • Reliably solid construction makes the VE-1 perfect for gigging musicians

The Boss VE-1 Vocal Echo Effects Pedal enables vocalists to have the same simple control over their own effects that guitarists and Mix Engineers in Los Angeles have been enjoying for years. Thanks to this cleverly designed little unit, you can efficiently control your vocal performance when in the studio or on stage, to get a professional sounding result every time.

Boss has included seven different echoes presets for you to attenuate your signal to suit your performance, with each one increasing the level of depth or intensity. Each one has multiple reverbs that are calibrated for each setting, in order to guarantee the most suitable response. Rather than overpower or influence your dry vocals, each set is designed to accentuate the subtle nuances in your vocal performance and give it that brilliant studio-quality polish.

Boss has designed the VE-1 to suit any and every vocalist. If you’re looking to give your vocals the presence they deserve, then this is the unit for you – especially if you’re performing in a small venue with a minimal PA setup.

Power at your fingertips

Best of all, you don’t need a degree in electronic engineering either, as the interface is incredibly easy to use – another of Boss’ outstanding features. However, once you get the hang of the unit and have gained some confidence, you have access to a range of advanced parameters. You can apply Double, Pitch Correct – which helps you to stay in tune, as well as achieve a deliberately “auto-tuned” effect -, and Enhance features.

As the VE-1 has internal memory, you can make all the adjustments that you need to during practice, jamming, or rehearsal, store them in the unit to be recalled at specific points in your set. So all you need to do is a plugin and play.

Equipped with a range of connections, you can simply connect your mic to the unit, and then use the XLR output to connect the VE-1 to the mixing desk. You do have the option to use the headphone output to get a direct feed from the unit or send that signal via the line output to a recording device. There is even a USB audio port, which allows you to connect directly to an audio interface so you can record straight to your DAW of choice – or create a studio-quality sound for a YouTube performance.

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