Types Of Pest Traps

A house is a home where the entire family resides so it is the job of the head of every household to anchor everyone in a closely knitted circle and keep each of the members satisfied without feeling uncomfortable, which is hard whenever the pests and termites start coming in as uninvited guests.

Unfortunately, many pests – such as rodents, flies and cockroaches – tend to infest properties in large numbers. Often the case is that if you see one cockroach, there could be hundreds more hiding inside the walls of your home or commercial residence. The same can be said of rodents.

The best solution to any serious pest problem is to call in a professional pest management company, but there is the option of pest traps. We’re not talking about the classic mouse traps, but rather more heavy duty options. Such traps can lure and get rid of several pests in one go to make your home or business more capable of keeping pests at bay.

Rodent traps

More than likely, you’ll be very familiar with the typical rodent traps such as mouse/rat traps and poisons such as tallon. While these can be suitable options for the home, such traps don’t really work well in commercial settings, nor should your business use such traps.

For commercial premises, rodent traps tend to be more industrial and aim to capture the rodents and keep them contained within the trap so that they can be disposed of without presenting a health risk to anyone there.

One option, for example, is an electrified trap for either mice or rats. Sizes for these traps can vary and, as a result, this will impact on how many rodents a given trap can lure and eliminate before it needs to be emptied. But these traps keep the rodents inside and locked away after they’re killed.

When traps like these are planted, patience is required. Rodents are cautious of new objects that emerge in their usual path. So be mindful that when you initially place it, it will take the rodents time before they’re no longer suspicious of the trap.

Electric fly killers

Flies pose several health issues in the home and at work, so keeping them under control is very important. Electric fly killers pose a suitable solution. Using non-harmful UV lighting to lure them and other flying insects, once flies reach the trap they are killed via a current of electricity. You can purchase electric fly killers that also have an adhesive on them so that once the flies land, they become stuck and will remain within the trap until you turn it off and clean it out.

Cockroach traps

A common trap used to capture cockroaches is known as the lowline (lo-line) cockroach trap. Comprised of both a trap and a lure (certain models have the lure already fixed to the trap), the lure emits pheromones to lure cockroaches to the trap. Once the cockroaches walk in, they become stuck in the trap and cannot escape.

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