Top Minecraft mods for Android devices for a better gaming experience

With almost any platform, like Bedrock Edition and Pocket Edition, mods can be installed for Minecraft. Although the range of mods might not be as large as the range for Java, several mods are being produced or updated, so they operate on editing Bedrock and Pocket. Here are some of the greatest mods which gamers can install to add further material to their Minecraft app on their Android phones.

Ants Mod

As it introduces giant ants into the game that can serve as mounts, this ant mod is fun to mess with. Such ants fly fairly quickly, hence increasing the distance players can travel quickly. These ants can be equipped to maintain their protection, in addition to their acceleration. Diamond armor can also protect ants against any fall injury. There are also other kinds of ants, aggressive and neutral, for players to deal with alongside these ants.

Lucky Block

The fun of this mod, that is really more a “random mayhem generator” than a “luck block generator.” is difficult to overestimate. Pig mobs are substituted with rather Mario-esque question mark blocks and can be found anywhere pigs respawn all over the world.

SERP Pokedrock Mod

A genius mod that operates to add Pokemon to Minecraft is the SERP Pokedrock Mod. A common Java Minecraft modpack will do the same, except in the Pocket Version, this mod embodies all that the Java modpack does and generates the crossover. Naturally, this mod creates Pokemon for players to discover an entire list of new products. This mod beautifully interweaves Pokemon and Minecraft and is worth the download entirely.

Villagers Come Alive

Village love can now begin with a serving of cake, like all great relationships! Hand’em over a couple of slices and watch the sparks fly as their own families launch. Not into a domestic style of life? Hand over some gold to a villager and employ them as a bodyguard now, then give them a sword or bow to make your own personal soldier!

Worldedit PE Mod 

Probably one of the best Minecraft mods is World Edit, and it’s famous for a reason. This awesome mod offers endless opportunities for players to edit their Minecraft worlds. In any way that the player deems suits, a player can alter, add or delete items. For players who enjoy constructing, particularly in creative modes, this mod is a must-have. This is also a must for players hoping to create broad and complex structures.

Jimbo’s Modern Weapons

Survival mode with Jimbo’s New Guns has just become a whole lot less dangerous (well, for you). This neat mod transforms the fishing rod into a shotgun, the bow into a grenade launcher (!!), the fire grenade into a snowball, and enemy soldiers into skeletons. You can also craft an automatic turret to take down mobs from a distance with some iron blocks and a pumpkin. You can also check this free minecraft account generator for a better gaming experience.

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