Top 5 GTA 5 mods

GTA 5 is no doubt one of the best games. With millions of players across the globe, there is no denying that this game is one of the amazing games ever created as it is highly appreciated by the gaming community. One of the best things about this game is that it has lots of mods players can choose from. Regardless of the account or device such as GTA 5 Modded Accounts PS4, players can choose any mod they want depending on their preference. Here are some of thebest GTA 5 mods in 2020:

Iron Man Mark

One of the most popular mods in GTA 5 is Iron Man Mark 5. One of the best things about this GTA mod is that it combines everything great about the former iterations in the game and at the same time, provides this great combination as one of the best and most solid mods in the history of GTA 5. There is no wonder why this mod is one of the favorites of gamers.


Another popular mod in GTA 5 is the LSPD FR. LSPD FR or The Los Santos Police Department First Response Mod for GTA 5 is no doubt one of the original mods that ever created. The best about this mod is that it helps players to cross over to the other side of the Laws as Los Santo’s finest. This mod also allows players to create their own police officer and go on a mission. Surely, this mod is a classic but it also got everything a player wants in playing GTA 5.

Basic Needs

Basic Needs is another popular mod in GTA 5. For some players, GTA is all about real life interaction. Hence, to make the gameplay even more realistic, there is no better mod to use than Basic Needs. This mod allows players to play how much their character in the game needs eat, sleep and other basic needs. One of the best things about this mod is that it requires players to complete their inventory system to boot. So, the main objective of this mod is to maintain a healthy level of fun in the game.

Simple Zombies

If you are looking for a unique mod in GTA 5, Simple Zombies can be the best option for you. This mod turns the entire gameplay into a well-produced zombie apocalypse horror survival game. This mod requires players to maintain status and the health not only of the character but the entire camp as well.

Natural Vision

Amazing mod in GTA 5 is the natural vision. One of the popular things about Natural Vision mod is its amazing graphics. The overall product of this mod really looks amazing. The reason for this is that NaturalVision has gone lots of re-working. With this, this mod was able to bring the best out of it.

These are the top 5 popular mods in GTA 5. So what are you waiting for? Choose yours and play!

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