Top 5 Coolest Ferrari Race Cars

Racing has always remained something that leaves everyone with enthralling experience surely. It is actually a great pleasure for everyone to enjoy the thrilling experience of racing cars and eagerness to know the results.

We are taking a look into the top five coolest Ferrari racing cars ever in the history of racing. If you are a racing enthusiast, then it would be a great choice for you to get a guide from the details stated below.

Top 5 coolest Ferrari race cars!!

Ferrari is a grand brand that is a dream car for many, so let us look into a closer look into the top five models of Ferrari racing cars. 

  • Ferrari 250 series (1985-’65):

it is one of the greatest race that helped the Maranello based manufacturer lead the le men between 1958 and 1965. This model of Ferrari cars scored seven outright victories and was a force to reckon with until ford’s bid where it took all over Ferrari fell through angering. The resulting car is one of the iconic models of cars and the top three positions in the 1966 24 hours of le mans. 250 gto coupe and the 250 lm has the most iconic look among all the cars. 250 testa Rossa is undoubtedly successful racing car of its time as it has won thrice at le mans. 

  • Ferrari 312t(1975-’80):

you might be familiar to an aspect that 312t actually won 27 races in a year, four constructor’s championship, and three driver’s successful f1 car of all the time. It is evidently one of the best racing cars as it has won many championships and picked by the many champions in ’79. The car was actually built by renowned designer Mauro forghieri while the team hired Luca de Montezemolo, who was a manager for years. This very model of Ferrari was powered by an ultra-reliable flat-12 engine, and it produced in excess of 510ps. The transverse 5-speed gearbox has to be its biggest highlight that plagued its predecessor. 

  • Ferrari 458 gte/gt3:

uFerrari doesn’t take any part in the constructor in endurance racing anymore, but it does provide race-prepped cars to privateers. However, people find it surprising that why Ferrari hasn’t introduced any model of it anymore as it did pretty well at the latest endeavors in formula 1. V8 powered 458 Italia road car is closely related to gte and gt3 machines provided by the company to its customers. 458 gte has managed to win to its name as it won three manufacturers’ title in world endurance championship along with many victories in major races including Sebring 12 hours along with petit le mans.

  • Ferrari f2004 (2004-’05):

legend Michael Schumacher claims his seventh and final world championship with f2004, so you know it right that legend himself owns it. Ferrari enjoyed the success since 1999 and helped Scuderia Ferrari win its straight constructors’ championship along with the 5th straight driver’s championship. Based on f2003-ga, the car was developed by the ross brawn, who is considered legendary himself for manufacturing such masterpieces.  It was actually dominant f1 cars at the time winning 15 out of 18 races that it becomes the participant of. In 2013 it was one of the biggest surprises as it made a world record with the unbelievable win.

  • Ferrari Tipo 500 (1952-’53):

tipo 500 arrived at a time when fia scrapped the rule book of f1 as it announced that championship that was run on formula two specifications. It was a small bid to smaller racing teams like Alfa Romeo and Maserati that left the sport. It was actually powered by an inline four-cylinder engine mounted behind the front axle. There were times when this model allowed people to win in old times and letting them enjoy world championships as well. The car model received nine continuous GP races winning titles; however, it got in 2013 by Sebastian Vettel in 2013.

This was all about Ferrari racing cars that allowed people to have the enthralling experience, along with winning several titles. Among several passionate people of cars, Miroslav vyboh, who is seen actively participating in different car racing competitions. Recently he took part in Ferrari challenge Europe which gave him an enthralling experience. So, this was all about the Ferrari racing cars that provide its riders with enthralling experiences. 

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