Thinking About Getting An Electric Cordless Water Kettle?

If you are looking for your first electric cordless water kettle or just want to replace your old one, you might want to do some research on the kettles available in the market and on all New Jersey’s top rated water delivery service so you get the best experience with your water kettle. There are lots of different electric cordless kettles on the market today and it can be hard to pick one that fits all your needs.

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Useful features for your electric cordless kettle

The various electric cordless water kettles are nowadays full of useful features and functions. It can be difficult to get an overview of the different features available on the market. With this quick reference, it hopefully will be easier to pick the right electric cordless kettle with all the desired features.

Water-level indicator

A water-level indicator or gauge can be very useful to have when you only want to boil a few cups of water. Most electric cordless kettles have some sort of water-level indicator, but some only have marked the maximum level.

Spout filter

The spout filter helps to remove dirt and other particles from the boiled water and prevents them from reaching your cup. It is very handy to have if you are having problems with limescale. Remember to regularly clean your filter, this can be done by removing the filter and washed in clean water from your faucet.

Concealed heating element

Almost all electric cordless water kettles have a concealed heating element these days. The advantages of a concealed heating element over a conventional coil heating element are that toxins from the element will not pollute the drinking water and the limescale will not form on the heating element itself. If limescale is allowed to form on a coil element it will decrease the heating capacity and it might overheat in the end.

Swivel base

A swivel base is really the electric power source for your electric kettle. The swivel base allows you to conveniently place your kettle onto it from an angel. A 360-degrees swivel base is a must-have for your electric cordless water kettle.

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