The four best social tools for bloggers

xA few weeks ago, we talked in this space about some tools to easily share the content of WordPress. This is one of the most popular blogging platforms thanks to its flexibility and its customization possibilities. Within these possibilities, we will find that we can set our blogs, for example, that our users have buttons to share this content on the network. Today we will place the other end of the spectrum, to discuss the best social tools for bloggers, besides that, we will also like to share the link through which blogger can buy tiktok fans cheap, that can help them with the growth of their blog on social media platforms like TikTok. 

Now I do not want to limit ourselves to a particular platform. We will try to meet all tastes and provide social tools to bloggers that can be used from the browser, from mobile, from a computer, and from another device you want. These social tools, on the other hand, are intended to combine productivity with social media broadcasting and content creation. This means that even though it may seem Wunderlist an excellent application for bloggers, not having a social utility will not on this list. Or, for example, WordPress does not allow us to publish on social networks but manage our content.

With this in mind, we present here four social tools to bloggers that we can start using now. Some are better known than others, but all are certainly practical.

  • Disqus: this is an old acquaintance for bloggers. This tool allows us to keep abreast of real-time conversations happening on our website. It works not only with WordPress, but with Blogger, Drupal, Tumblr, and more. With this commenting system, we will be able to respond always be on top of our community and enjoy a tool built specifically for bloggers. For those receiving a lot of comments, or have to manage multiple blogs at the same time, it is a good idea to start using Disqus.
  • SocialMention: do we know what they are saying about our publications or our web address? One of the social tools to bloggers that can not miss is related to the way we see what is happening numerically with the post, something like an Analytics of our publications with a much broader spectrum. SocialMention indexes blogs, tweets, forums, and many other places on the net where conversations are triggered.SocialMention is very interesting but there are other alternatives, such as Sysomos.

  • Google Alerts: Now we get to the section filled with tools that are perhaps best known, and could be useful for beginner bloggers. Google Alerts is a service that gives us precise alerts whenever a keyword that we configure has a new entry in your browser. What we can do is to set a number of names, such as our own but also that of the publication, blog, or means, to know what people are saying about us.
  • WordPress: pomp close to WordPress mobile apps. While not an alternative to the desktop version from iOS or Android we can help and we can save on many occasions. For example, if we have to apply fixes comes in handy, as well as when we have to publish an emergency or last-minute news from the cell. While social has nothing (other extensions can activate to send our posts to Twitter automatically, asTwitter Blog ), content generation is what starts the whole world of blogging.

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