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While many psychics can give a reading without a forecasting tool, using tarot is a very popular method. Tarot cards have been around since the eighteenth centuries. Originally a card game intended only for the royalty (to play this game otherwise could have you sentenced to death!). Soon tarot cards were used to predict the future, as a forecasting tool.

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What are Tarot Cards & How does a psychic use them?

Today both psychics and readers enjoy tarot cards for a psychic reading. The tarot cards are rich with imagery and symbolism. These symbols and images come from esoteric arts such as astrology, numerology and ancient symbols many of us recognize instinctively. One of the most classic tarot decks is the Rider-Waite tarot deck and it is most often used for psychic readings. But there are thousands upon thousands of tarot decks available. Many theme tarot decks are available, from fairies, cats, the Wizard of Oz and goddesses…just to name a few.

Tarot is easily used as a forecasting tool because the psychic can access psychic information while viewing the images and symbols on the tarot cards. This does not mean that these specific images or symbols mean the very same interpretation every time. Quite often the interpretation changes slightly, by just a tenth of a degree depending on the type of psychic tarot reading that is being done. The gift of the tarot forecasting truly lies in the psychic that does the reading for you – not simply in the deck of tarot cards.

How are Tarot cards read?

One of the most classic “spreads” to do forecasting with tarot cards is the Celtic Cross spread. This is a 10-card reading that goes into the past, present and future. This reading remains quite popular as it can be adapted for just about any type of question. You can use a Celtic Cross reading for a love, career, family, travel or nearly any other type of question that is in your heart. The Celtic Cross reading will tell you what has happened within the past three months, what will happen in the coming three months, what the person is most afraid of happening and what is the best advice for them. Quite often when you see a psychic this is the reading they will do unless you request a different type of reading.

What can you ask in your reading?

Tarot can be very literal sometimes when the psychic asks a question of the cards – so sometimes the psychic may need to work hard to phrase the question “just right.” The tarot cards will answer the specific question that is asked of them – no more and no less. It is critical that the very best and most appropriate question is asked to help the reader with their query. Sometimes funny things can happen when a question is not phrased properly. If you are seeing a psychic for a tarot reading, do your best to keep your questions about the issue at hand short and clearly defined.

What do the “scary” tarot cards mean?

Some people are afraid of certain cards like “Death” or the “The Tower” if these could come up in their reading. Surprisingly there is often nothing to fear even though these cards can look a bit intimidating. The Death card usually means that something in your life is ending or there is some type of change. Perhaps you are taking a college course that is ending or your family is moving. That is a logical reason for the Death card to appear. The Tower card means “expect a surprise.” This can be hard for some to hear, as they don’t like to be surprised. But in some life circumstances we can almost expect to be surprised. If your college age daughter is serious about her boyfriend and The Tower card appears – a marriage proposal could be coming or they could be breaking up. Or both! Something surprising will happen.

The tarot has remained popular for years. If you’ve never tried a tarot reading, now is an ideal time to try a reading. There are many skilled tarot readers available. Why not give one a try?

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