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Electronic cigarettes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and every vaper can find something that it is suitable for him. When you find yourself new to the world of e-cigs you don’t know what is the right setup for your so it can get overwhelming right from the beggining. If you do a little search on the internet you will see that there are hundreds of vendors, suppliers and manufacturers that have their shelves full with different kinds of e-cigs but in the end you will see that there are just three main types of e-cigs.

Ok, so let’s learn something easy first, OK?

If we are talking about the battery of an e-cig we know that there are 2 types: Automatic and Manual. The Automatic battery is powered by drag and they have a switch inside it that actives each time you draw on the e-cigarette. There are distinct types of e-cigarettes found in the market. people who love innokin can Find Innokin vape tanks online at affordable rates. Its high quality vape and the exceptional services will stun you. The Manual battery is a button-operated one and every time you want to take a puff you have to hold down a small button that activates the battery.

OK, so now you know what kind of batteries are on the market. Now, remember that I’ve said that there are three main types of e-cigs. Let’s see what are those types and how they look like, shall we?

Mini E-cigarette (“cig-a-like”)

Remember what Johhny Depp smoked on the train in the movie “The Tourist”? Well, that was a Mini. This type of electronic cigarette is the most common between first-time users. It’s small, similar with a regular cigarette and it helps you to make the transition from smoking easier. Widely available almost anywhere, Minis provides you a comfortable way to get your nicotine fix.

Mid-Size E-cigarette

These models are popular between experienced vapers. They are relatively small but bigger than a Mini and all the Mid-Size models are button-operated which means that you have to press the button in order to activate the device. Even if it doesn’t look like a regular cigarette it still can be your first setup choice.


Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) or MODS are the favorite toys of the experienced vaper. The size of a MOD is bigger than the Mini and than the Mid-Size and they come with advanced functions that allow vapers to fully control all aspects of the device like variable voltage and electronic control. If you are new to vaping you should start with a Mini or a Mid-Size but keep in mind that when you will become an experienced vaper and when you will want a new toy to play remember that MODS exists.

These are the three main types of e-cigarettes. I’ve tried to stick with the basics for now because in the near future we will publish a new article where we will explain in detail every type of electronic cigarette and then you will read about advantages and disadvantages of every type. Until then, feast your eyes with some electronic cigarettes that we’ve gathered for you.


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