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Certainly, no one wants to have a lemon car. Imagine the excitement of buying a new car and spending huge a lot of money for the unit that you’ve been wanting for a very long time only to find out that it has a manufacture defect. This will definitely make you feel uninformed and extremely unsatisfied. When you experience this kind of situation, you want to find ways on how you can get a refund or a replacement of your car. While you can resolve a lemon law claim on your own, you have to keep in mind that it requires a lot of processes. But most of the time, people who try to handle this claim usually end up with a result that is lesser than they should get. Thus, it is advisable to get someone who can help you with the entire process of litigation. This is now when lemon law lawyer comes into the picture. Lemon law lawyer has the knowledge and expertise in this field. As a customer who doesn’t have enough knowledge about the law, there is a high tendency that you will get confused. In addition, hiring a lemon law lawyer will make the process easier and cheaper for you.

One of the concerns of lemon car victims is the cost of hiring a lawyer. This concern is also one of the misconceptions. Under the law, you don’t have to cover the fees of the lemon law lawyer’s service. It is the manufacturer who should shoulder the lemon law lawyer’s help. Hence, most of the lemon law lawyers will not charge you. Lawyers work on a fee shifting basis and they submit the time of their service to the manufacturer. 

One of the signs that you are dealing with the wrong lemon law lawyer is when he request for a percentage of your lemon law recovery as their fee. According to the law, no attorney should be asking for a percentage of your lemon law lawyer. Always keep in mind that the money that you will get is intended to pay for the damages and not for the fees of your lawyer. Instead, your lawyer should only ask for recovery of their attorney fees on top of what you get and not a percentage of the entire claim you will received from the manufacturer.

Surely, as you look for a lemon law lawyer, you will encounter lots of options from different companies and organizations. But of course, you always wanted to choose the right lawyer to handle you case like Lemon Law Attorney in Long Beach, CA . And when we say right lawyer, we refer to a reliable and experienced one. You have to watch out for lawyers who offer their services but don’t have enough experiences. Thus, when looking for a lawyer, always ask for the years of experience, the number cases handled before and also the number of won and lost cases. 

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