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Social Media Systems is your partner in leveraging the viral power of human social media networks to cause an entire niche market to connect online at your website!

The world continues to grow, and so does the Internet. In the Internet advertising market of today, if you want your business to grow, your website must grow along with the Internet, at at-least the same rate. In order to keep up with Internet growth, we offer a very unique service that meets the criteria to achieve top search engine placement in the organic results for chosen searches. We utilize a proprietary service that enables our client websites to keep up with the ever-increasing competition and maintain top organic search engine placement indefinitely. This Social Media Systems advertising service can propel your website to the top of the search engines for your chosen key word search terms. We can even create a custom Social Media Hub to target a specific demographic market as a stand-alone solution, with all the features like MySpace, Linkedin, ActiveRain, etc. Click here for printable PDF brochure. PopularityBazaar TikTok Followers will offer the best solutions to the business people to get the benefits. The correct and genuine information is provided to the people at different social media platforms. The targeting of the audience at the platform is excellent at the platform. 

Social Media Marketing – The latest technology, advertising, and advice create an effective Social Media Marketing solution:

We install a specially optimized social media marketing solution using our specially designed themes: either as a stand-alone solution, or installed into your existing website: we configure this setup for optimum search engine advertising performance.

We establish your credibility, and get you visibility and sales in many ways, bundled together as an ongoing service:

Unless an internet marketing company wants to have constant turnover in clientele, they must abandon the term SEO: as it promotes “build it and they will come” expectations: the Internet, in fact, is now main stream advertising. An ongoing effort and budget is required to be effective. The entire advertising budget should be built around, and include online marketing and internet advertising considerations.

We provide the latest technology, advertising, and advice to create a seamless Social Media advertising solution:

Social Media Advertising Setup, Theme and Plug-in Installation, Custom Optimization:

We install a specially optimized social media advertising solution

Using our most current configuration: either as a stand-alone solution, or installed into your existing website: we configure this setup for optimum search engine advertising performance.

Ongoing Custom Scripting

We build your set-up using our custom, proprietary configurations and scipting which cannot be found elsewhere, and are constantly changing to keep up with changes on the major search engines: Your Social Media System will build an XML sitemap daily and META tags, and make every post, every user profile into an optimized web-page: this replaces all ongoing on-site search engine optimization except for when the search engines change things: in which case our ongoing service will provide the necessary adjustments to your setup for you.

We do ongoing promotion to constantly build the size of your Internet advertising presence online.

In order to achieve and maintain any first page placement for any very tall searches, your website must grow at least at the rate the Internet grows in order to maintain position. Our solutions achieve placement, then keep you there indefinitely: what we do is cumulative. Your Internet presence gets stronger with time, so that anything can be accomplished. We custom design an effective solution for you, and it continues to grow as the Internet grows. There is no chosen search placement that cannot be achieved with time.

Posting: We post your message to industry related Blog sites:

We write about you at industry related sites and online magazines in high quality, relevant, key-word-rich postings that

link to your website. We ask you what information you want to distribute to the world, and then we package and distribute your message using our proprietary method, so that anyone in the world can find you and your message easily with a key word search on any major search engine; and in many other ways: all roads lead to you, you might say: Effectively, we make you the news, and get you free advertising! How much does it cost to be the news? Sometimes: only to say so: by making you the news, we get you free advertising in an upright, accepted, and very effective way. News articles about you will be linked to your website, making YOU the authority source on your topic, and making the search engines see your website as the most important one to be brought up on the top of the search results for your industry/topic. We place ads on free ads sites, social media sites and directories on your behalf, and link to you from our sites to build traffic. Placing links in and out of a webpage is an art as well a science. This is done by a search advertising professional who knows how to properly build your search engine page rank.

Submission and Feed Syndication:

We manually submit your site as a feed to thousands of search engines, directories and feed syndications like and to insure the consistency of your message. This makes your message findable within hours of posting. If you have an inventory and you want to be able to search and find it through the search engines, we will make it all findable within hours of posting. If you have agents or members, they may all have their own optimized, updated, advertised positions.

Note: larger inventories of data, such as automobile and parts inventories, or archives of past articles, can be fed to the search engines at additional cost; and this process can sometimes be automated with the use of customized technology, without human involvement. This makes all the words in the data supplied findable on the search engines for multiple combinations of the words, including manufacturer names, street names, zip codes or whatever.

Existing Website Search Engine Placement:

If we are to push an existing website, we optimize your existing website using the proprietary method which has made us famous in this industry. Included in the base price are *3 pages with *3 different sets of customized META tags for the target site. Also included is advice for ongoing promotion and any needed changes to your existing website.

Additional pages for exising websites can be added at an additional cost of $50.00 per page; and the automated pages created by the Social Media System are automatically optimized.

Discounts are available for very large numbers of pages, and this can be automated in various ways

Link building:

This is done by going out and seeking related links and posting to industry related Blog sites on your behalf.

Included in the Social Media System Service

Additional “links in” are created and/or purchased on your behalf, with whatever budget you provide: and it can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Larger, Custom Social Media Advertising Solutions: :

We can launch an entire start-up Social Media Application on your behalf: a free ads site, social networking, neighborhood or city Blog, or other content and information harvesting, leads generation machine: designed to get millions of hits, with whatever budget you provide: with your message on every page!

Industry-Related Articles Written, Posted:

We write professional articles about our clients and distribute them to the world. Many busy professionals do not have the time to write about themselves, and articles are always more powerful when coming from a credible third party. We spin testimonials about your success and distribute them to the world:

Posting is included in the Social Media System Service and can also be purchased separately at $40 per custom post: $100 per custom article: 5 articles minimum: discount 10% for $500 or above yearly budget, 20% for $1000 per year or larger budget.

Industry Advertising: :

We are an advertising agency for Real Estate Magazine ( and a growing list of our clientele: Additional advertising can be created and/or purchased on your behalf, with whatever budget you provide: you may even write an industry related column; or we can write one on your behalf. If you would like to try our service, you can email us for a quote:

Social Media System Service can be customized to fit your needs:

The service includes one year of hosting, one year domain registration, and 90 days of ongoing service and advertising as outlined above. After this 90 day start-up period, optional monthly payments can add to what is already working. Additional articles, promotion, link building, postings, and more submission and advertising can be added as a managed search engine marketing service to generate more traffic. We can even syndicate you as an industry or topic expert, and make you famous for what you know!

We will create thousands or even millions of hits per month!

This is what we do for you: we place YOU as the authority source on: Google, Yahoo, MSN and all over the Internet by syndicating a “feed” that originates with you. That makes you the “authority source” for information about your industry, location, profession, politics, or just about anything else that targets your intended audience.\

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