Reviewing the Top Selling GolfLogix GPS by GARMIN

The GolfLogix GPS by GARMIN is a simple hand held GPS unit that can give the user a clear advantage. Know exactly how far you are from the hole with each and every shot can increase your confidence and may even improve your score. Best of all these are totally legal in competition. So are you falling behind or is it all hype. I’ll let you know what it is the GolfLogix GPS by GARMIN does and how well it does it.

This little handheld GPS is small, it fits into your palm and has a black and gray screen. In the center it displays in a large font the distance in yardage to the course feature of your choice. You have a number of options like the front back and center of the green, bunkers, hazards, water, and more. The software is streamed line and will do just about everything without much user input.

Using your computer you can update your hand held which will hold up to 10 maps at once. The database has over 15000 courses available. Although you may want to stop by Garmin’s website and make sure your course is represented, some my local courses are missing. They do however offer to add any course you need within days of the request, although I have not seen that claim substantiated as of yet.

It does use double A batteries which means you can find anywhere even the clubhouse. The bad news is that if can get a little expensive. I was not totally impressed with the battery life but I didn’t time it explicitly.

The GPS seems to be incredibly accurate. They report a range of + / – 3 yards but I’ve found it to be right on for the most part. Also the device seems very rugged. You won’t be afraid to have it bouncing around in the bag. That is the problem with some of the comparable units, they just don’t seem to be as robust as the GolfLogix GPS. They also say you can completely submerge it, I have to admit I haven’t tried that yet but it is reliving. I typically walk the course and I’ve been caught in more than one shower. The last thing I want to worry about is the GPS getting wet.

The only negatives I’ve noticed are the screen can be a little difficult to read especially at dawn or dusk and the backlighting that is available tends to wash out my screen. It’s also priced a little high at around $250. A lot of that may have to do with the robust nature of this unit, if you’re a little more careful you may be able to get away with buying a cheaper unit. All together however the GolfLogix GPS by GARMIN would benefit just about any golfer.

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