Real Life Inspirations Of Rainbow Six: Siege Gears

Rainbow Six: Siege can be quite realistic at times, with mechanics that mimic reality as closely as possible. Below, we will discuss the weapons in this game that is based on reality.

Take note that this article is about the real life inspirations of the various weapons and equipment found in Rainbow Six: Siege. Rainbow six siege hacks can get your account banned, so we are not providing it. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Handgun – FN Five-seveN

This handgun model is a real life semi-automatic pistol produced by FN Herstal, a weapons company based in Belgium. In game, FN Five-seveN Mark 2 is used by the FBI SWAT team and by Nøkk, an operator of Jaeger Corps added during the Operation Phantom Sight event released in Year 4 Season 2.

This handgun has an ammo carrying capacity of 20+1, however, that high ammo count is balanced because of its weak stopping power.

The event Operation Shadow Legacy in Year 5 Season 3 saw the release of this handgun in a special variety for Zero, an operative in the game.

  1. Submachine Gun – FN P90 TR

This submachine gun can be used by GIGN Defenders operatives, and it is special since it’s an SMG that can use ACOG sights. FN P90 TR could be converted to a PS90 carbine, a fully automatic weapon by loading it with a barrel.

  1. Rifle – FAMAS F1

This gun was originally inaccurate, holding 30 rounds as opposed to the real life version’s 25 rounds. However, that was changed in a later patch, reducing its magazine carry capacity to just 25 rounds. This gun is available exclusively to Twitch, an operator in the game.

  1. Shotgun – Remington 870 MCS

The real life Remington 870 MCS is called as Super Shorty, available to the Australian operators in game. This gun doesn’t have iron sights, however, it is a short ranged weapon anyway so you are not severely disadvantaged because of it.

  1. Sniper Rifle – SVU Dragunov

The SVU Dragunov sniper rifle in real life is named as “OTs-03” in this game. This weapon can be used by Glaz, a Spetsnaz operator. This weapon is easily the best one when it comes to surface penetration, allowing you to shoot through certain materials without the gun losing much damage. This gun is the only weapon in the game that can penetrate airplane windows, available on maps like the Presidential Plane. Suffice to say, this gun is the only weapon of its kind before the BOSG. 12.2 weapon was introduced in the Operation White Noise patch.

  1. Launchers – Heckler & Koch M320

Known in game as M120 CREM, the real life weapon Heckler & Koch M320 is used by Ash, an operative from the FBI SWAT. This weapon shoots specialized rounds that breach materials and environments, then explodes shortly after penetration. The ammunition will not explode if it hits an object or material that cannot be destroyed. Enemies are not classified as a breachable object, so this weapon cannot be used directly on enemy operatives.

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