Rainbow Six Siege: How To Play And What Are Playing Modes?

There are many online shooter games out there. But, in the last four years, rainbow six sieges have changed how online first-person shooting games are developed. This is a multiplayer game, but one can lay solo as well. There are many stories that one needs to play with their co-players. One can play alongside their co-players by playing various scenarios like defusing bombs, safeguarding other players, rescue hostage, etc. Without any doubt, this is one of the games that can keep one hooked for a long time. The game’s narrative is quite flexible, as it moves from the player getting trained for the bigger end of facing the terrorists. The players can choose whether they want to be the attacker or the defender in the game.


The gameplay of rainbow six sieges is quite simplistic, but it allows players to choose their operators. When a round starts, the players can choose any operator of their choice and play as attackers or defenders. These operators will be a part of the team and will have various capabilities and weapons. After a round starts, one cannot change the operators in between the round.

Also, the player will have to renown, which is the game currency. Depending on how the rounds are played and what actions are performed, one will earn “renown.” One can use these currencies to buy cosmetics and power-ups for their operators.

As the round starts, both attackers and defender teams need to choose spawning points. After this, they will have to use the preparatory time to understand the attacks’ points using drones and take a look around the map. After the game starts, and players will have to either attack or defend. If a player gets killed, they are not spawned back. Instead, they enter the support mode in the game to get access to equipment and drones. They can help their teammates plays the game in a much better way with cheap rust accounts.

Gaming modes

Several gaming modes can be counted in this game. There are also around 20 maps to play, among which 11 are online maps, and the rest is offline downloadable maps. Some of the common gaming modes are:

  • Bomb gaming mode

in this, there are two bombs set up by the defenders. The attackers will have to defuse at least one bomb among the two. The defenders must kill attackers and destroy the bomb diffuser. This is a multiplayer-competitive mode.

  • Hostage mode

in this multiplayer gaming mode, the attackers will have to rescue the hostage held by the defenders. They will have to either kill the defenders or get the hostage out of without any harm.

  • Secure area

in this, the attackers will have to go into the defender territory, and secure biohazard filled containers. They will have to either seize the container or kill every single one of the defenders.

  • Terrorist hunt mode

this can be either played in solo mode or multiplayer cooperative mode. In this, the players will have to fight against the AI enemies as either defenders or attackers.

  • Situations

now, these are single-player modes that have 10-missions and help learn the game tactics and mechanics.

  • Arcade

these modes are for limited periods and tend to modify the existing modes.

  • Outbreak

in this mode, 3-player teams play against mutated human beings due to extraterrestrial parasite outbreaks.

What makes it different?

Yes, there are many online first-person shooter games out there. Some are popular, and some are not, so it is easy to compare rainbow six siege game with these pre-released games. Yes, some things about this will remind one of CoD, but there are different and new elements. This is a game; the players will not have one avatar throughout the game, which modifies. Instead, one can play as any of 10 defenders and attackers. Each defender and attacker has their own set of skills and abilities to use.

Also, this game is all about strategizing and not just blind killing and shooting guns. One can die in this game, and therefore, proper planning to attack is necessary. Also, the game relies on environmental destructions. This means the walls, floors, pillars, etc., can be destructed and, this can be a major part of the game strategy.

Without any doubt, rainbow six sieges are among the best games that keep anyone hooked for hours. However, it is better to know the mechanics and tactics before playing in multiplayer mode.

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