Prominent Spartanburg, SC Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Roberts, III M.D. Has License Suspended for Misconduct!

A well respected, or should I say “former” well respected Spartanburg, SC Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Thomas Roberts, III, has had his license suspended, according to SC news reports. For what? You guessed it, having sex with 2 staff members who were also his patients and much more.

How it all started: The Complaint filed

These findings were brought before the State Medical Board of Examiners on July 28, 2009. A hearing was held in which the Respondent, Dr. Thomas Roberts and his legal counsel was in attendance. The purpose of the hearing was to determine whether sanctions should be imposed based on a Memorandum of Agreement Dr. Thomas Roberts signed on July 6, 2009, in which he waived his right to a formal hearing and instead agreed and admitted that what he was accused of was indeed factual. You can click here to read the full complaint and final order.

What did he confess to?

He had sex with a staff member who subsequently became a patient and performed a surgery on her after she had been given a sedative.

Oh and that’s not all of Mr. Roberts misconduct. He is also accused of leaving the operating room while patients were under general anesthesia, and that he reportedly left a patient under anesthesia for 8 hours before he started the scheduled procedure.

He is accused in the complaint that on or around Mar. 18, 2008, he scheduled a surgery for a patient but left, leaving a nurse to complete the procedure. Also on several occasions he falsified reports that he performed plastic surgeries when in fact his nurses did. He returned later to review what the nurse did and “tweak” or make any necessary corrections. Scary! In addition, Dr. Roberts performed labia exams without gloves on several occasions. Even more scary!

In June 2008, Dr. Roberts entered into a voluntary exam by the Behavioral Medical Institute. He was evaluated for problems regarding professional misconduct and narcissistic personality. He was also tested for (EDS) Excessive Daytime Sleepiness. The BMI made recommendations which are stated in the final order. He complied and was allowed to return to his practice until the order came on 10/30/2009 to suspend his license and issue a public reprimand he meets a number of conditions, meaning he could get his license reinstated if he complies with all of the requirements stated in the order.

I found it a little disturbing that the order states “this sanction is designed not to punish the Respondent, but to protect the life, health, and welfare of the people at large.” This is well and good, but why is it also not to punish Dr. Roberts for his selfish and willfully violation of these women and shirking his responsibilities as a highly acclaimed local Plastic Surgeon?

Dr. Thomas Roberts, III past accomplishments:

Dr. Thomas Roberts was named one of the Top Ten Plastic Surgeons in America by Town and Country Magazine. See Dr. Roberts | Plastic Surgery by board certified plastic surgeon Tom Roberts, Plastic Surgeon, South Carolina, North Carolina, Board Certified for a look at the numerous magazines and articles that have been published on Dr. Thomas Roberts, III. M.D.

I personally don’t care how many admiring articles have been written to acclaim this Dr.; I would never ever go to him for plastic surgery now that I know what he is capable of. I don’t agree with his license ever being reinstated. I think he should find another profession not having anything to do with the Medical field. This is just my humble opinion. What is yours?

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