Presenting The Best Heroes In AFK Arena Battlefield

The trend of arena battle gaming is rapidly increasing. The gaming industry is full of action and battle arena games. The role-playing games RPG is the most loved video games for gamers. One can feel more connected to the character in the game. One such video game is the AFK arena that focuses on building a great team. The team progresses as the difficulty level increases. 

The AFK arena is a powerful video game filled with entertainment and action where the players can play in teams or solo. Many points and factors make the game exciting. Along with graphics and gameplay, the roles and characters make the games interesting. The players can also win exciting prizes and awards for the task performed on the game.

There are varieties of heroes and characters in the AFK arena game. Some players are very useful for the game, while some heroes of the game are average performers.  Every Hero has utilities and strengths based on the gameplay difficulty level and stages. 

Factors to keep in mind before building a team

There are various points that a player must keep in mind before building an AFK arena team.

  • The players must wisely plan the Work composition while building a team. The player must forecast the backline and front line requirement. The player must place a supportive and healing character in the backline position. 
  • Increasing the rank and levels of heroes can get expensive. The player can experiment with the heroes during a dungeon fight. The heroes can enhance the skills and level with practices and experiments.
  • The players can also look for working codes that offer free rewards and bonuses. The player can earn Currencies and coins from the Codes. The player can upgrade the potential heroes by using gold and Currency in the game.

Best heroes available in the game


Nemora is a supporting hero in the AFK Arena game. The strength of Nemora is very high during continuous modes. The twin peaks and labyrinth are the continuous game mode that is very good for or regular battles. 

One can purchase the Nemora in the labyrinth Store. A player can equip copies of Nemora to ascend the Hero. It can get stronger with increasing levels. This character is the best support hero in the game.


Brutus is an absolute hero in the AFK arena game. Brutus is equipped with last gasp and brutal defiance that makes him deal with a great amount of damage. This Hero has great strength and high damage skills. Brutus can reach the maximum 240 level cap in the game. 


This Hero is a powerful maze character. Shemira can heal itself and damaging the opponent’s spell casters. This Hero can also ascend like Nemora. It is also easily available in the labyrinth shop store.


Lucius is an amazing and best tank in the game. This Hero can survive very long in the battle arena. This character survives by making a shield for a long period. Lucius can use the heavens protection spell to protect the teammates as well. One must consider Lucius for a powerful front line that can also protect the backline positions.


Lyca is a great damage dealer hero in the AFK Arena. This Hero can easily shred the defense system of the opponent. Lyca can get weak during the early levels of the game. However, once the character hits level 80, the power of Lyca increases.

The player can earn diamonds and hero shards by activating the working codes in the game. The heroes can be unlocked and leveled up by special code in the game.


Tasi is the powerful support in the game. This Hero can cause huge damages and banish the opponent’s character with his amazing teleportation skills. He can teleport anywhere on the battlefield. Tasi can put enemies into sleep and cause huge destruction when the opponent wakes up.

All these heroes are best in their respective fields. There are other heroes as well that offers immense strength and skills. The heroes are compatible with each other on the battlefield. The right choice of support hero can get benefits for the tank hero. The best players’ ranking and leveling are done based on their skills, strength, and weakness.

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