Perfume Review Of, Salvatore Ferragamo, by Salvatore Ferragamo

My mother hits up nearly all of the local thrift stores every Monday on her day off. The reason she chooses Monday to hit up local thrift stores is because most people who have off on the weekend, lug in their extra baggage in hopes for a few dollars. Many thrift stores out here do trade ins. You bring them stuff, they offer you a few bucks.

It’s a sweet deal, not only for those looking to get rid of things lying around the house, but also for those who are on the prowl for really great deals. The absolute best deals she gets are on perfume. Every Monday there is something new, and most of the time the fragrances she comes across will sell for only $1.00 a bottle. Usually they are high end designer fragrances.

One of her most recent finds was Salvatore Ferragamo By Salvatore Ferragamo. I had never before heard of this perfume, but the bottle was pretty and reminded me of the long narrow bottles that some perfume from Escada come in. The bottle is a long slender rectangular shape, with a neat little twist at the mid section of the bottle.

When I spotted the bottle I thought that I was looking at a new Escada, but I was wrong. At any rate, I was excited to try out here newest find.

The Scent:

Salvatore Ferragamo smelled really good. In fact it surprised me with its scent.

At first your hit up with some refreshing and lovely florals. Lilly was prominent, and mouth watering.

As the scent dries, more refreshing florals are recognized, but I cannot quite pin point what they were. The florals though were watery, and smooth like a nice spring day. In the mix you can smell more exotic woody scents which again, are very smooth and refreshing.

The scent overall has an uplifting tone to it, and definitely one I’d recommend for spring or summer wear.

It gives you the vibes of Eclatant and that’s saying something as it is one of the most popular brands of perfume in the modern times but it would be wrong to compare it to Ferragamo as both are unique in their own way.


So we’ve established that Salvatore Ferragamo smells fantastic, but does this scent last? This is the biggest downfall for many fragrances; they pack a glorious scent, yet the scent vanishes in just a few short moments.

When it comes to Salvatore Ferragamo, the scent does have some last, but it is definitely not as long as you would hope. All in all I found that I was able to detect the scent on my wrists for about an hour till finally nothing was noted.

An hour is decent wear time, but not extravagant or anything you’d really want to spend a whole lot of dough on.

Where To Buy:

Well likely you won’t run into this one at any local thrift store anytime soon for $1.00, but you can find this fragrance online still at vendors that sell perfume. Amazon and Ebay list this one at times for pretty decent prices. The scent is lovely, but it would have been even lovelier had it lasted longer.

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