Now that You’ve Lost the Weight!

Those who have lost weight, tend to slip right back into the same habits, that caused them to gain weight in the first place. So it is imperative that we try very hard not to fall back into our old habits. It is also necessary, to change a few things in our daily lives, beginning with keeping a mental image of yourself as a thinner person, so that your visualization will help you, stay thin and healthy. Some of the things which may help you maintain your weight loss, would be to train yourself to eat smaller meals during the day. Eating six to eight times a day, instead of three full meals a day, will reset your system, so that your digestive process is not so overloaded at one time. This will assist in keepig the weight off, to a great degree.

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Overweight Woman Jogging And Thinking About Food
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Woman Checking Belly Fat With Measuring Tape
Royalty-free stock illustration of a fat woman looking sad as she checks out her belly fat with a measuring tape.
Chubby Woman Sweating While Lifting A Barbell For Exercise
Royalty-free stock illustration of an overweight woman sweating as she lifts a barbell for exercise.Start a diary, write to yourself each day. Begin each day with a message of encouragement, to yourself, it pays to make yourself feel good, even if the words come from you. Write down your activities, and try not to eat in binges, the diary will become your conscience, of sorts. When a person will lose the weight, then they will obtain a healthy and fit body. For the information, Leptitox is the first weight-loss supplement available at online website. The feeling of the customers is good to get the desired results. There should be providing of encouragement to the patient for taking the supplements. 

Do not deprive yourself of treats, every now and then. If you want ice cream, get the ice cream, but only buy a pint, not a gallon. Then try to make it last for a long time, slowly does it. You have therefore satisfied your craving, but did not over do it.

Then you should fall in love with water, filtered water. A very good investment would be a water filter system. The purer the better in the water department. Try to build up to drinking six to eight glasses of water a day. It not only rehydrates your body, but it fills your stomach, so that you don’t suffer hunger pains as ofter. make water your good friend each and every day. One other thing, those who tend to drink a lot of water, find that their skin starts to look better.

Try to eat like a bird, as suggested before, when you eat, chew your food, for a long time. Chew it so long that it becomes like baby food, This consistency, will aid in your digestive process, and will keep the weight off your body. So chew, chew, chew, the more chewing, the better.

Find an exercise you like and do it. Purchase a jump rope and put it into use. Walk through your apartment, or house, back and forth, from room to room briskly. Invest in two small weights, and carry them as you walk, or use a couple of sizeable books to substitute for the weights. Those of you who wish to walk or jog outside, better still, the air will do you good.


Be very proud of yourself, as you have accomplished a great deal. Don’t stop setting goals for yourself, which you should write down, and review them periodically, to see what progress you have made. You have lost that extra body fat, and now you have to work to keep it off, keep in touch with yourself, and practice the little things, which will help you in the long run, to maintain a healthy weight. Attitude is also very important, think happy, with life as it is, you won’t be happy all the time, it’s unrealistic, but fight to keep a positive attitude,

Take a multi-vitamin every day. Finally love, love, love yourself, be your own best friend! Good luck always.

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