My Rapid Weight Loss Experience, and Weight Loss Tips

Throughout the last couple of years, I have lost about a hundred pounds and kept them off, which I consider to be very fast weight loss and leptoconnect reviews helped me with that. At about 240 pounds, I knew that I had a problem. And it affected every part of my life in a very negative way. I experienced everything from self-consciousness, to low self-esteem because I was just so big. It would be hard to believe that my rapid weight loss was completely unintentional? Rapid weight loss is never anything healthy, but I understand what it is to want it more than anything else in the world. To think that all of my worldly problems would go away and I could be loved if I could just lose weight. I received many hurtful shouts from passers-by while walking, so exercise was something I started to associate with pain and hatred from others. Being anorexic sounded like it would be a dream come true. But the truth is, that carries many health problems as well, that ultimately lead to organ damage and death.

I felt hatred wherever I went. I took to the computer because it never rejected or called me hurtful names. But the rapid weight loss I experienced didn’t start until a massive depression came over me. When you are very depressed, it affects you more than just emotionally, after all. Depression can make you physically ill and unable to eat or do much of anything else.

As I tried to just survive, things felt pretty hopeless. But at the same time, the pounds were dropping off me too quickly to keep track of. I was experiencing 2 to 4 pounds of weight loss a day! Here is where the lost pieces of my life started to fall together. The bathroom scale became my friend. Every day religiously, I would step on it to see how much weight I had lost since the day before. When I did start to eat again, I would make sure it was what most would consider ‘healthy’. Like Shrimp and Green bean stir fry. Things like raw carrots, because I decided all fruits and veggies were not off-limits. This was really making sense.

At 170 pounds I stabilized and started to feel much better about myself. Sure I had tried dieting before, but it never worked, and it never stayed off. I realized that weight loss is a lifestyle change. NOT a DIET. Weight loss pills are an ingenious way to take advantage of desperate people and make pharmaceutical companies rich. Please avoid these as there are better ways to spend the money. Like a new outfit every time, you lose a certain amount of weight!

My advice is to completely change your outlook and change your lifestyle to one that works for weight loss forever. Nobody wants to be anorexic, but we can take a few pointers from those who are obsessed with rapid weight loss just the same. Weight loss tips are great, but you need to put them into action. Like the age-old advice of drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day. Coldwater drank between every bite of your dinner can help to fill you up faster and ultimately eat a lot less.

You need to find what triggers you for weight loss, and use it to your advantage. For me, it was depression. But for most with a weight problem, depression acts the opposite way. Maybe one needs to try and change their mindset. Perhaps exercise can distract you from wanting to eat? Perhaps putting a full picture of yourself on your fridge can inspire you to step away and do something else.

Rapid weight loss is all about a person’s own mentality and using your own personal triggers to your advantage. I am not suggesting anybody look up “thinspiration” websites to achieve this. I am disgusted by the idea of using Photoshopped skeletal celebrities to make one sick enough to not eat at all. I am simply suggesting a triggering picture on the fridge, and at the same time getting rid of all the unhealthy food in your kitchen. If you are worried about it going to waste, hand it over to a food box in your area and you will feel good about yourself for helping families in need. And to your advantage, you can take a trip to the store and buy only healthy foods that you can not binge on.

Some of the healthiest foods to have in your fridge, we can call “safe foods.” These are things like pickles, cabbage, onions, and carrots. I know there are plenty more, try a search for them. If you get bored of these veggies, which you most likely will, get a steamer or simply stir fry them together with a little sesame oil and soy sauce. Lean meats like chicken are great too, but I would try avoiding meats for the most part. Of course, you will come up with your own routine that works for you.

Just remember that to achieve rapid weight loss, that lasts a lifetime, you have to change your lifestyle. Acting on impulse is generally dangerous. Eating out is the same thing unless you can order a small garden salad and limit the amount of dressing you use. There will be times this comes in handy, for eating out with friends.

Diet soda has been ok for me, as I have still been able to lose weight with it. I believe the caffeine speeds the body up to give you energy, and this is always a plus. Green Tea is said to be a healthier alternative, for the caffeine. Alcohol is generally a BAD idea if you are going for weight loss. It can lead to drunken binges, and I am not even going on about the fact that alcohol can lead to more and more alcohol. And generally, alcohol is FULL of calories and bad things you don’t want in your body at this time.

My last weight loss tip is to make sure you are taking good vitamins when you know your diet is not efficiently giving your body what it needs. And I sincerely hope that my own experiences with massive weight loss can help someone else going through what I did.

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