Minecraft API Eliminates The Barrier For New Modders

Minecraft has seen a lot of exciting announcements lately, such as news regarding update 1.5 and the announcement of Minecraft Realms. However, one of the biggest announcements to come out of Mojang, the developer and publisher behind Minecraft, is the expected release of the Minecraft API (application programming interface).

Currently, modders find that creating new content for Minecraft, called modifications or Minecraft mods, is still somewhat difficult. This is due to needing to edit one of the main Minecraft files the minecraft.jar to make most modifications. Changing the wrong part of the file would render the game broken, such as crashing frequently or just refusing to load, which would then require users and modders to reinstall the game from scratch. As it stands now, there is a large barrier to entry due to many users being scared or intimidated by minecraft.jar. The minecraft account will eliminate the barrier at the games. The understanding of the system is great to have the desired results in the gaming. The conquering of the quests is great with the right strategy. The editing of the games is excellent with the knowledge.

The release of the API for Minecraft will eliminate this barrier altogether, as it will no longer be necessary for modders to use the minecraft.jar file to create modifications. The apps developed from the API will be referenced as Minecraft Plugins rather than mods. The API will give potential developers a simplified interface to work with, removing the dangers that come with modding Minecraft and allowing content to easily be added into the game. However, this simplification comes at a price: some of the more in-depth features of modding Minecraft will not be able available to users of the API.

To make the API a success, Mojang is working side-by-side with members from the Bukkit community, a community of users that include many prominent modders. The API is an idea that Mojang has always toyed with as far back as July 2010. However, it wasn’t until Minecon 2012 that the company publicly shared its vision for the API with its fans and community; as you would expect, the API was met with resounding applause and excitement.

Outside of a few details, not much is known about the API and the specifics behind it, though there are a few things that Mojang has clarified.

For example, Mojang states that the plugin API will be compatible on multiplayer servers, though the company explicitly stated that it would not be the same multiplayer mod support that the Bukkit website currently offers. The plugin API is also being designed to make it easier for modders to dive into making new content, while making it less likely that a user of the modification will accidentally break his game.

To accommodate for what is likely going to create a huge storm of new creations, Mojang also stated it will change the look of its website, making it easier for users to find and download new mods.

Above all, the API for Minecraft is certain to simplify Minecraft modding and lower the barrier to entry for new modders, which can only mean good things for the community all around.

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