Marijuana Herbal Smoking Blends Weed Longer

For those of you that just love to smoke blunts and joints, like me, we’ve got a solution to make your weed last longer and stretch out your sack as much as possible. The only downside to loving blunts or joints, is the fact that they use an exceptionally large amount of weed to roll a decent joint or blunt, at least a gram or more. You can use less if you’re really dedicated to make your weed last longer, but this usually sacrifices quality of the blunt or the high.

By mixing your marijuana with either a herbal smoking blend, smokable herbs, or tobacco you can still get a great high, preserve your marijuana, and get other calming effects combined with the weed to make your high even better. When the use of cbd oil for pain is there, a reduction in the smoking weeds is there. The oil will offer plenty of benefits to the people. The ingredients of the oil are required to be herbal for the human body. The side-effects on the body of the people are less when the selection of cbd is there. The experience of the people is better for the benefits. 

Herbal Smoking Blends

A herbal smoking blend is a combination of plants and herbs that are specifically chosen for various effects that they give. Most herbal smoking blends are often infused with a synthetic cannabinoid or chemical that is designed to give the intended effects of the high. When mixing it with marijuana it will give you the best of both worlds. Most herbal smoking blends are used by people as a legal alternative to marijuana, but are often described as ’similar to marijuana, but not quite the same’. K3/K2 is probably the most common herbal smoking blend around, and is often found in headshops and can be found online. The downside to these herbal smoking blends is that they’re often expensive costing around $15-$30 per gram. So if you’re trying to save money by buying less marijuana, this won’t be your favorite alternative. People like it because it’s legal so there’s no chance of getting busted for it.

Smokeable herbs

There are many different smokable herbs available online that you can use to stretch out your sack. Some people like to blend them together to make their own herbal smoking blends, but really when compared to what you can get from just a little weed, it’s alot of work unless you otherwise don’t have access or want to risk getting busted with it.

Mullein is known for promoting lung health and helps soothing lungs even when smoked, this is my preferred herb to mix in with blunts or joints due to the fact that it helps your lungs, the main thing that smoking actually effects.

Tobacco is not a herb but can be mixed in with your weed like all these other herbs to promote a good high and buzz. Tobacco is a good way to conserve your weed when rolling blunts or joint.

Kanna and Kanna Extracts are known for it’s relaxing properties. Kanna is a highly recommended, because it is very cost effective and works on reverse tolerance, so the more often you smoke it the less you need.

Damiana is a mild aphrodisiac and mood elevator that can be smoked. It has been found useful against mild depression, sexual disinterest, and menstrual problems.

Blue Lotus is known to have psychoactive properties and was loved by the Ancient Egyptians.

Wild Opium has been prized by the Victorians as a home grown alternative to Asian Marijuana. Lactucarium (Lettuce Opium) had a wide public usage as a narcotic and pain killing sedative. It was used in medicine as an opium substitute.

Kratom can relax you and ease the mind and body of various burdens.

All of these various herbs I’ve listed can be smoked alone or with marijuana, preferably with marijuana, if you smoke them alone you will probably be disappointed if you’re used to getting high with weed. These herbs are very cheap and can be purchased online around $5-$20 for several grams. By mixing the smoking herbs in with your weed before you roll a blunt or a joint, you can significantly reduce the amount of marijuana you use, up to half of what you’d normally used can be replaced, with no noticeable difference in the high or the smokability of your blunts.

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