Making 3D Video Games

Making your own 3D video game for free can be easy. There is free software available to download, or free tools which don’t require a download. Of course, you can make the game as complicated as you want, but with little effort, you’ll be able to make a quick video game for free. Minecraft is a popular example of a popular 3D game these days. The best Minecraft Alt shop ever made is also there to enhance your gaming experience and can help you in learning more about the art of developing 3D games. 

Step 1

Find the tool, or software which you will use to make your 3D game. YoYo Games has a free tool that you can download at If the tool you find has to be downloaded, like that of YoYo Games, then download and install the tool to your computer. Make sure you read any terms and conditions to which you agree. Once the tool has been downloaded and installed, run the program.

Step 2

Create a sprite. This is what an object in your game will look like. To create the sprite, click on the red object at the top of the tool which looks like a red Pacman. Click on Load a sprite and select from the many sprite files already in the tool. When you’ve found the sprite you want, click “Open” and name your sprite in the appropriate space. Click “Ok” when you are done.

Step 3

Create an object. Your sprite is not an object until you make it into an object. Click on the blue object which looks like a blue ball. Click where is said “Sprite” and select the sprite you made on step two. You’ll have to put in all the events and actions that your object will be able to perform. Events are the commands the player will use when playing your games and the actions are the things your objects will do when your player gives it the commands. Click “Add event” and choose the event you want to add. For, Keyboard/Right is an event involving pressing the right arrow key on the player’s keyboard. Click on the action,  example the “move free” and drag it into the action column. Select the details of the action, for, move right at a speed of 4, and click “Ok.” Click “Ok” again when you are done adding events and actions to this object.

Step 4

Create a room. A room is where the place where the events and actions above mentioned will take place. To create a room, click on the square, white, object. Place your object in the room by clicking somewhere in the grid. Click on the green checkmark when you’re done to save the changes and exit out of the room.

Step 5

Run your game. Click on the green arrow to run your game. Give the object the commands, such as clicking on the right arrow keyboard to have your object move to the right. This is a very simple video game. Where you have an object in a room and that object has limited movement. To make a more complex game, repeat steps one through five until you have as many objects, , and actions as you want.

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