Make Money By Creating Your Own Video Game

Every gamers dream is to land a job as a game maker. What can be more exciting than combining work and play together;


a new way to make money. However, making money off of creating games is not easy as it sounds, in fact it can be a bit less fun at times than it sounds. Creating games is just not enough; you have to create a creative game that you will have to ensure is liked by most. To make a perfect game you need a combination of elements than just a technical know how. You need a sense of style, art and design as well a good technical knowledge for gaming. Basically, you will need both science and art to come together in a perfect combination to bring out the best.

For a successful game plan you need an idea, a story board with rough draft sketches, main characters, and everything that you have imagined there would be in your virtual world. When all of these elements come together like a novel with perfect narrative, it will tell everything about your game.

  • An Idea can you change your life

If it’s a successful idea, it can surely make you a millionaire, but most likely you will fail a few bit times. But if you have perseverance, a career in game making might be just for you. As does everything, creating a game starts with getting an idea. Starting with basics of the basic, come up with a background story, which will be a setup of what type of game you are planning. You will need to come up with hurdles, and goals that the gamers will overcome and achieve. If you are a gamer, you may have an idea of what a player wants, what he will do and how will he do?

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If you are a little short in creativity of coming up with a good story line, you can watch a few movies (action ones), look at successful games (but don’t copy them) and lastly if you ever had a nightmare or a really exciting dream – it might be the most original idea you can come up with.

Draw the rough details of your idea on a paper, each one detailing the different levels of your game. Each picture should tell a part of a story like a film roll and describe different scenes and hurdles of the game. Include a paragraph or two detailing the information you want to display on the picture. They don’t exactly have to look like Picasso’s master pieces; the intention of story boarding is to put the idea onto paper in a rough draft.

  • Come up with ‘deets’ of the game

This is when it gets complicated. Here you have to go over every little specifics of the game. Like a writer who describes a character from his dressing style to his appearance that match his personality, you have to do the same. You will decide if your hero/heroine has any magic powers, if he/she has weapons, what kind of weapons, what hurdles will they cross, who will they fight, how will they fight, will there be maps to guide them, will the game’s perspective be from that of game character or a bird’s eye view, what will be the sound track. Many such minute details will be worked out at this stage.

At this point all your elements of the game will come together in a proper flow. You can change some features of the script as you go but they have to be in proper flow.

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