Lowering Your Body’s Set Point for Permanent Weight Loss

Lowering your set point is really the last diet you will ever go on. Why? Because it requires time and diligence to achieve. But if you can lose weight this way you never have to worry about those pounds coming back! Sounds great right! It is, but few people can ever achieve this kind of weight loss, because, it is not a quick fix.

If you have never heard of the set point, it is a gauge said to be in the hypothalamus. It is set at a certain number, it tells your body what it should weigh. When you try to lose weight with a traditional crash diet, it sends your body into emergency mode. It believes this set weight is what you should weigh for survival, and it will fight to keep you there. As far as your body is concerned, this if for your own good.

Over the years the set point can be raised, by consuming too many daily calories, and not exercising enough. If you are over 30, add to this the fact that muscle is lost every year, and its easy to understand why weight becomes an ever increasing problem as we age. With following of the tips, the resurge pills will reduce the weight loss of the person. The fat will be reduced from the waist for the benefit of the person. The fitting of the muscles will be perfect for the health of the customers. The charges will be favorable for the consumers. 

The good news is, that reducing your body weight by just 10 percent can increase your health in many ways. Cholesterol is lowered, as well a blood pressure. Which will put you at less risk of heart disease. Your bodies ability to control insulin is increase, decreasing your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Also, by loosing just 10 percent of weight maintaining that wight loss and continuing on to your goal will ensure that you will never need to loose those pounds again.

10% is the magic number, and the percentage of weight you should be looking to loose on your journey to loose this weight and never gain it back. You may want to loose more, but if you want to trick your set point you must loose weight in stages. Loose 10% of your body weight and maintain that weight for 2-3 months. then restart your diet and loose another 10%. Until you reach your goal. Instead of the traditional 2-3 pounds a week, you weight loss may take much longer, but you will never need to worry about the pounds coming back again.

Scientist do not yet have a magic pill, or formula for lowering the set point. Exercise has continued to hold the same promise as a solution to the set point problem. The best kind of exercise for lowering the set point is walking at a steady pace about 2, 5 mph. A brisk pace that would still allow you to have a conversation will put you in fat burning mode after about 15 minutes. Exercising at too brisk a pace may put you into a carb burning mode instead of fat burn, in which case you would be burning some carb calories you may have had earlier in the day. Wile not a bad thing entirely, it is much better to boost fat burn.

Regular exercise and a diet that excludes white flour, reduces sugar, and increases vegetables and fruit will help you lower the set point. It is important to note that eating too few calories will tell the body it is starving and it will go into emergency mode, and hold on to the weight it has. Eat a good breakfast with moderate carbohydrate intake and plenty of protein to curb afternoon hunger. Eating 500 calories at breakfast is recommended, with your remaining calories being consumed before 8 o’clock at night.

Discovery Healths “National Body Challenge is on again for Spring and Summer 2010. Its free to join, and it will give you a full menu and exercise routines so that you can reach your 10% goal with the help of the many nutritionists and professionals who put all this information together.

The important thing to remember wile trying to reset your set point, is that slow and steady wins the race. Gradual and maintained weight loss is the kind that wont come back when you are on vacation, or over the holidays. You need to commit to continued exercise, even when your eating habits backslide. maintaining muscle tone and daily bur calories will help keep you from gaining weight back.

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