Lords Mobile- Tips for Better Playing Commandment

This article is going to be an interesting read for gaming aficionados because it is right up their alley and mere words cannot explain the importance that it holds in the lives of many youngsters but what is important to note is that the craze for different gaming ventures keeps growing with each passing day.

Every year you get a new gaming app with updated features that is greater than the last but you can also avail numerous benefits like tips to perform better but if the venture seems to difficult to manage, there are experts that can help you out in this regard.

The game in question is called Lords mobile that would give you AFK Arena vibes where you have good and bad guys galore with an action adventure that has the purity of imagination so it becomes important that people that are ignorant about it should get to know about it better.

Points to Remember

While there is a passing resemblance to AFK, you can be sure that it contains more adventures in one level than what you can expect from video games of similar genre, which is something that attracts it to the beginners but they are ignorant about what to expect due to an assumption that it is similar to AFK Arena.

Therefore, let us look at some important tips that you need to keep in mind while playing lords mobile because they lose their confidence after failing in managing the levels despite repeated attempts.

  • Practice

We’ll begin with the obvious because practice does make a man perfect where you can begin after learning the basics from the experts as free lords mobile bot promises you an exciting venture

  • Guild Find

If you are familiar with the basics, then you would know about the importance of finding the guild where the castle dome is the perfect place for creating a base with the army battalion and tackling the monsters one by one

  • Focus

You always need to focus on the target without getting carried away where skirmish 8 is the breakthrough to reach pact 1 and ultimately to the final goal where castle 9 is where the next level is lying in wait

  • Acquirement

The next level is to acquire Aquiris that contains the much needed stamina to keep sailing through the complicated adventure with trouble lurking in every corner where you attain enormous speed to move fast and get a higher ranking with medals to boast of

Then comes Harpy that is basically plan b for Aquiris where you obtain more points, which is what pact 2 is for where the shelter provided basically means that you have matured as a player to reach this level


Similarly there are numerous players that you get to acquire like Totempest, Terite, Bonehead and others where meet new friends in the quest for attaining dominance by getting rid of evil from the earth with all the heroes having almost equal footage to speak about without it being dominated by a single player.

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