LCD Computer Monitors

If you were asked which you think is the most important part of a computer, what would you answer? You probably agree that each and every component of a computer is equally important. However, in terms of the appearance of our computer, perhaps the most visible part is the computer monitor. It is the one that lets us know everything about the status of our personal computer. That’s why the kind of computer monitor that you are using is given so much attention. You would always look for a computer monitor that is stable and can display images and information very clearly.

The current trend in computer screens are the LCD computer monitors. This is a type of flat computer monitor that is a lot similar to an LCD TV set. Both of them use the same technology, and they just differ in the way they are used, one as a computer screen while the other as a TV screen.

Aside from the cost, what other things are to be taken into consideration when purchasing a computer monitor? Well the most basic that I can think of right now is the reason why you want to have it. Of course as name suggests, LCD computer monitors are to be used with a computer, but what I mean is whether it is going to be for gaming or a simple word processor and internet surfing? You see these are two very different activities that require very different characteristics of a computer monitor.

The next thing is the size. Of course with all the things that you can do with a computer, you would want to have a screen that will display as much information for you as possible. So definitely you should go for a bigger one. You wouldn’t have to worry about the space that the LCD computer monitor will take up on your desk as they are flat anyway. They are designed to be space savers.

How about the resolution? The resolution is the one that can tell us how many pixels the monitor is able to display. The higher resolution, the better displays you can expect. Normally, an ordinary computer monitor has 1920×1200 pixels.

The interfaces of LCD computer monitors should also be paid attention to. Well, the standard for all LCD monitors is to come with a DVI input. In case you want to have some multimedia, devices connected to your LCD computer monitor, it is also necessary to have an HDMI input. Majority of the LCD computer monitors are equipped with integrated USB hubs, which are necessary for the easy connection of a keyboard, mouse or any external disk. You shouldn’t be surprised also that some computer screens are built with a TV tuner so that they can be used as TV sets as well.


Since computers are the need of this modern era, it is necessary to choose them wisely. You should always go for the best vertical monitor for coding if you are interested in doing coding. There are varieties of monitor present in the market available with various features, that can be customized according to the user’s need.

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