Know About the Strongest Commander in Rise of Kingdoms

There are several different commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms. Though these commanders come with their own skillset, there are some commanders that stand apart in terms of strength and capabilities. Some commanders are considered the strongest in the Rise of Kingdoms. They all have their own special talent.

They can be upgraded into becoming the strongest force to be reckoned with. They are rather special in terms of their skills and their game levels. They cannot be achieved until the later part of the game. They cannot be attained as the game begins. You need to excel and struggle before these commanders become available.

Who is the strongest commander in Rise of Kingdoms?

Alexander the great is considered to be the strongest commander in the game. As mentioned earlier, he is available only during the later part of the game. He isn’t available in the game as the game begins. However, he can be obtained once players reach a certain level. He is truly adept at ensuring his partner and himself with his one of a kind talent.

Alexander the Great has an extraordinary arrangement of abilities. Unlike numerous different Commanders whose expertise is chiefly centered around managing harm or decreasing the foe’s capacity in the fight, his ability is about protecting his soldiers and his partner.

Different talents that of Alexander the Great:

  • Shield of the King

With this phenomenal aptitude, Alexander the Great can shield himself from practically the entirety of the single dynamic abilities. His close-by partner also gets the insurance shield, which will expand their survivability in the fight.

  • Lead the Charge

This is a great inactive ability. At whatever point the approaching harm is diminished, that decrease harm will transform into counter harm back to the objective. Alexander the Great has a 10% opportunity to bargain 1,700 harm to a solitary objective, which is very incredible for uninvolved expertise, and the objective will likewise get a recuperating rebuff by 30%.

  • Battle of Chaeronea

This is one of Alexander the Great’s passive skills. This causes his attack to increase to by 40%. It will only happen when his shield is down. When his shield is up, his defense increases by 30%. This makes him one of the strongest commanders in the game

  • Frontline Commander

This causes Alexander the Great to move faster when he is on the map. It also causes his infantry troops to have around 30% more damage to the enemies as compared to other normal troops. It is one of his passive skills again; this is usually best when maxed out due to its increased usefulness.


These are all the qualities and information you need to know about the strongest commander in Rise of Kingdoms. Alexander the Great is one of the strongest commanders, and with the several skills that he comes with, it makes him a beneficial force to have in the army. He can lead the troops to guarantee success.

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