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We humans are strange beings because we always aspire to have something that is beyond anything and that doesn’t necessarily mean chasing your dreams and set an example but we have certain deluded minds that want to build castles in the air without doing anything worthwhile.

There is the underlying fact that you need resources to make turn your dreams into a reality but what if you have faith in yourself then you can tackle any challenge that comes your way with ease.

This holds true not only in the real world but the virtual world as well although it is fiction, you do get to learn many things from it like for example there are video games that are full of action and adventure so we will choose one out of the many out there in today’s article.


When it comes to action oriented adventures, it is important to mention Idle Heroes as it is one of the most popular games of modern times that has taken the youth brigade by storm and that’s saying something because everyone knows that today’s generation are tough nuts to crack.

Idle Heroes has been a successful venture because it has everything going for it and never drags on like a long winded web series where you throw in some action sequences and dangerous stunts just to get a few claps from the audience.

It is a true story of heroism and valor where the warriors are prepared to go through great lengths to achieve their ends by going through the enemy ranks and making them bite the dust.

Idle Heroes is available on both Apple and Android with high hopes from its makers as they felt that they needed to bring out something new that would stand out among the other games because there is stiff competition from all corners which is why they did not follow the usual tropes that any game would come with.

Five star

It is difficult to mention all of the heroes as one article wouldn’t suffice to do justice to their roles in the story but still they deserve a mention so that beginners would be clear about what to look for as they are quite demanding when playing a brand new game.

  • King Barton-

The best leader in the team which is why he is at the top of the list and is considered royalty by not only his own team but by enemies as well as his exploits have made him acquire holy immunity after consuming a magic potion

  • Xia-

The next best whose specialty is blocking attacks from his opponents which is why he is ranked with the front position in the game and his attack is quite ferocious when he is angered

Horus- He is quite a versatile warrior who is equally adept in attack, defense and blocking technique which makes him a powerful and dangerous adversary to his enemies who has a special mention at

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