How To Mend A Broken Relationship

Did you recently have a breakup with your partner? Or is it that you are on the verge of breaking up? Do you find that it is very hard to please your partner regardless of how hard you try?

The truth is, you will feel tormented, miserable, and distressed but you are not alone. Every day thousands of relationships go down the drain, but the question is, do you want your relationship to go down the drain?

So how to mend a broken relationship?

The main factor why most couples find it difficult to mend a broken relationship is because they allow pride to fill their lives. Now pride can cause you to do a lot of things that can worsen the situation.

  1. Pride is not wanting to answer the phone when you know is your partner calling
  2. Pride is when you try to revenge your ex for what they have done to you – This involves:

* using hurtful words to your partner

* Going way back to things your partner have done alone time ago etc

Pride can do a whole lot more to separate you from your lover so let’s not dwell on the bad but rather let’s go to the solution.

Now, take a deep breath and get comfortable, and try to remember some of the good times you and your ex had in the past. How he or she made you happy, the smiles that he or she always put on your face, and the comfort you feel just to have your partner’s arms around you.

Theislandnow is here to tell you  How To Mend A Broken Relationship And Repeat All Those Good times

When most couples have a fight or just broke up, the first reaction is normally a text message or a phone call from one partner to the other. While this may work sometimes, there is a more effective way of sending a handwritten letter to your ex.

Think about it, how touching it would be to receive a handwritten letter from your partner pouring out his or her heart to you for your forgiveness? Your partner will be touched by this move as you took the time out to write a letter from your heart.

But What Should You Put On The paper?

What you are about to hear is may not be what you want to hear, but it has worked thousands of times before and is still working. Here is what you should write:

Agree with your partner by telling him or her that they are right You should let your partner see that you are sincere and your apology is coming from the heart Let your partner know that your love, respect and appreciate all the good things he or she have done for you in the past Now here is the turning point:

You are going to let your partner know you agree to go on with the breakup. What did you just read? Yes, you did! Let your partner know that you are very sorry and you want them to be happy and if breaking up will make them happy then so be it. But this is not where it ends, this is just the start.

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