How To Keep Your Neighbors Dog From Pooping In Your Yard

As a dog owner, you need to be responsible for your pet and all of his or her actions. While most dog owners try to do the right thing, there are some dog owners that simply don’t care enough and allow their dog to do whatever they want.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where your neighbor doesn’t seem to care too much about their dog’s habits, and their dog may end up in your yard on a daily basis to eliminate themselves.

Cleaning up the poop of a dog that isn’t yours can be a major nuisance. Not only is it disgusting, but dog poop attracts flies, mice and rats, leaving your yard open for infestation. If you have a neighbor dog that constantly uses your yard as a bathroom, the following are tips to help keep the dog away.

Talk with your neighbor.

The very first thing you should do is talk with your neighbor about the situation. It may be possible that your neighbor simply doesn’t know what their dog is doing, and making them aware of the situation can make it easy to fix.

When talking with your neighbor, always make sure that you’re polite about it. Although you may be raging mad, being polite provides you with a better chance of fixing the situation. If you verbally attack them and their dog, it may only make matters worse. It’s like looking for the best way to carry your dog in your car, you have you choose the wrong item, you will certainly just lose your time, money and effort. Hence, you have to professionally and nicely talk to them. 

Build a barrier.

If talking to your neighbor is out of the question or if talking to them didn’t help, you also have the option of creating a barrier. Try to determine how the dog is getting into your yard and fix the problem. Are they crawling through a hole in the fence? If so, fix it. This will keep the dog in his or her own yard and can help to fix the situation. If you don’t have a fence separating you and your neighbor’s yard, you may want to build one. While this is an expensive option, it will certainly help to fix the situation and keep the dog (and its owners) at bay.

Call animal control.

Your neighborhood probably has regulations against dogs being off leash in your town, so make your neighbor pay (literally) the next time their dog uses your yard as a bathroom by reporting the animal to animal control. Your local animal control of law enforcement will come and remove the dog from your yard as long as you say it doesn’t belong to you. They will then take the dog to the pound where they will contact the owners. The owners, though, will likely have to pay a fine to get their dog back. This may upset your neighbor so much that they start to pay attention to where their dog is at all times, which will save your yard. If you have to, continue reporting the dog to animal control. After so many reported incidents, animal control may seize the dog from the neighbors for good.

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