How Can You Maintain The Quality Of Your Rug?

These days, rugs are among the most chosen ways to enhance the level of décor in any house, and using a top-notch floor rug can help you give your room an appealing look. Moreover, most homeowners know that all rugs are not made equal. Every rug is made from a different type of material, and there are plenty of rug types present on the market.

Among them, oriental rugs are the best because they are made using the highest quality and durable material to ensure a prolonged rug life. However, if you have an oriental rug in your home, you need to take a professional rug cleaning company that can offer you better cleaning services. Though, if you want to increase your rugs’ life span, you need to learn the below-mentioned tips that will help you maintain the quality of your rug.

  • Rotate Monthly

According to experts, they claim that rotating the rug after every 1 – 2 years, but it would be best if you rotate them after every month. However, if you have placed the rug in a high traffic area, then rotating them would be a great practice to distribute the wear and tear in all rug areas equally. Thus, it will provide your rug with a more uniform look to maintain your rug’s appearance and worth.

  • Blocking Sunlight

The sunlight can gradually fade the dye used in the rug and make its colors fade to become light. Therefore, it would be great for you to keep your rug out from the sunlight site. If it is not possible to keep your rug away from the sunlight, you must rotate the rug to distribute the impact.

  • Vacuum

One of the best practices to maintain the quality and appealing your rug is to vacuum it daily as it will help in removing the loose dust particles and prevent them from depositing in the fibers of rugs. Thus, first, you should gently beat the rug with the help of a broom handle, followed by vacuuming the rug thoroughly to remove every dust particle.

  • Spot Clean

Stains can develop quickly if you do not clean the spot immediately after the spill. First, you need to dab the stain with a cotton cloth’s help to remove or soak the excess amount of the liquid. It would be best for you to prevent the use of bleach, soap, and other detergents to clean the rug. Then, try to remove it by using water, and if it still does not remove the stain, you should apply a sufficient amount of shampoo to remove the stain.

However, only apply these tips when your rug is made from wool, and if it is made from pure silk, you should let the professional rug company do the job for your needs. Moreover, it would be great to take the advice of a professional to clean your oriental rug at your home safely and effectively.

  • Use Padding

When you place pads underneath the surface of rugs, it helps maintain the rug’s shape and prevent the chances of getting wrinkles. Moreover, it improves the value of your rug and makes it last longer compared to other rugs without padding. The best part about padding is that it will be safer and comfortable to walk on the rug.

  • Wipe Down

One of the safest ways to remove dust particles from rugs is to use a wet sponge or soft cloth and wipe it over the rug to remove the particles. Thus, it will help you maintain the fiber’s quality and give it a fresh look. However, make sure that you rub the soft cloth gentle to maintain the quality of the rugs.

  • Professional Washing

It is recommended that getting your oriental rug cleaned from a professional cleaning agency because they will use best practices to remove every dust particle on the rug and make it look like a new one. Therefore, instead of trying to wash your expensive oriental rug at home, it would be great for you to hire the services of a professional cleaning agency to do the job for you.

The information mentioned above is regarding how you maintain the quality of your rugs.

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