Home Remedies For Constipation

Constipation can be an extremely frustrating condition to deal with. This frustration is compounded because most people do not bother to learn how to prevent or remedy constipation until they are actually constipated. By then, it will take a few days in order to fix the problem with clevescene, although there are few quick remedies for constipation that you can achieve at home without medication. If you are constipated, it is recommended that you incorporate a few important changes to lifestyle and diet to act as a preventative as well as a cure.

Significantly increase your fiber intake.

Whether you do it by eating oats or by taking a fiber supplement, this is probably the best constipation home remedy. Fiber works to hydrate stool that has become hardened or blocked up and adds to the solidity and consistency of stool that is loose or excessively watery. Additionally, it contributes to your colon’s overall level of health. While you are actually constipated, you should take many times your daily recommended level of fiber. When constipation passes, it is important that you get your daily recommended intake of fiber to ensure that constipation never returns. It is possible to get the extra fiber through psyllium husks or Metamucil as opposed to eating the extra required.

Significantly increase your water intake.

One of the primary causes of constipation is dehydration. It is recommended that you drink eight glasses of water a day. When you are constipated, you should up that to sixteen or twenty glasses spread over the course of the day. Water, along with fiber, is a very effective home remedy for constipation. Unfortunately, you may not entirely feel the effects until two or three days have passed. Do not be alarmed. It can be difficult to have patience while you are constipated but rest assured that these two remedies are working.

Get some exercise.

The idea of exercising while constipated may make you ill, but this remedy has been shown to work. By exercising, you are physically displacing the stool that is blocked up in your colon. You do not necessarily have to do exercise that is particularly intense or strenuous. A few walks around the block can be enough. However, if you feel up to it, weight lifting and jogging are even more effective.

Use two glasses of prune juice as a last resort.

Prune juice is an effective laxative. However, most physicians agree that you should avoid the use of laxatives unless your constipation is extremely troublesome or has lasted for a long time. You should only resort to a laxative if the combination of significantly increased fiber, water, and exercise has not worked for three or more days. If your constipation is not going away, then you should give the prune juice a try. Although it is possible to become addicted to laxatives as a remedy for constipation and damage your colon, prune juice does very little damage compared to pharmaceutical laxatives.

Make sure to keep up the regular intake of fiber and water to prevent your constipation from returning.

Constipation in Diabetes

Up to one in four diabetics can experience constipation linked to their condition. If you look at a typical diabetic menu, you will find that the recommended diet is very similar to the diet that is described above to help promote regular bowel function. If you are diabetic, adhering to this diet, but still experiencing constipation, you should talk to your doctor about other treatment options for your condition.

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