Fun Airport Activities for Your Kids

When children have to wait at an airport for an extended period of time, it can not only be stressful for the child, but it can be stressful for the parents. That is why some parents have come up with the idea of fun airport activities that will keep your children occupied and entertained even if your flight is delayed for a few hours or you are waiting for your transportation from Palma airport to soller.

You will need to make sure that you have a game bag with you with all of the supplies that you will need to keep your child involved in these activities. For the first activity, you will need a sketch pad, some crayons or markers, stencils. You can usually find these types of supplies for a very reasonable price at your local arts and crafts store. Then you and your child can begin trying the airport as you see it. You may not think that this a game than twill keeps your children entertained but it really does. Children love to be able to put what they see onto paper and to be creative. When they are finished with their artwork you can put it into a folder that you should have in your game bag for them.

Another game idea would be to play an educational game. That’s right you can still educate your child while sitting at the airport. Everyone knows that there are plenty of shops located in the airport. You can have your child try to find anything in the store worth a particular amount. The amount that you choose means that they have to find that exact amount on a particular item. For example, if you say $10.95 they have to try and find that amount. Or if you feel like spending a few bucks at the airport you can have them find something worth whatever you give them to spend. They also have to be able to tell you how much change they expect to get back. Young kids really think that this type of game is a lot of fun especially when they know they are going to get something out of it.

You could also have older children write a story about an adventure at the airport. They could make up anything that they would do if they had the entire airport to themselves, or if something were to occur at the airport. Have them write out their story I a notebook that you have brought along especially for them. This will be a great way to remember your trip. Why not try coming up with some fun airport activities on your own. You may be surprised at how many games you can create that your kids will love.

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