Factors that Contributed to the PUBG game global popularity

One of the reasons why PUBG mobile is so famous across the world is because of its mobility. Usually, a royale PC game was created for every mobile gamer who can play the game wherever they are. This is something that PUBG changed in the landscape of mobile gaming. The game started the mobility where players can sit anywhere with their friends and play the game. Since lots of people are now using mobile phones for their daily activities especially gaming and entertainment, PUBG used that principle in order to give opportunity for every gamer in the world to access the game through their mobile phones.

Another reason why PUBG is so successful is because of its cross platform matchmaking features. Yes, PUBG pc is an isolated PC game, however, PUBG mobile is not. Since gamers can use different emulators that allow them to access their PUBG mobile on their PC, the limitation of the game has been conquered. Players can play PUBG on their computer and at the same time, they can play with their friends who are using different devices. Basically, there is no difference in the ranking system and the servers of the game. Hence, players can enjoy and have fun playing PUBG on whatever device they prefer.

According to study, there are more users of mobile than users of computers. With this concept, PUBG ensures that the game is available on mobile and as a result, the game became super hit amongst different players across the globe. As a matter of fact, the game was able to gain 60 million players within the very first week in just a single region. Moreover, PUBG is a very easy to learn game. It doesn’t require much f reflex or muscle memory.

As mentioned earlier, the introduction of emulator also paved the way for PUBG to penetrate the global market of players. Most of the streamers who stream the game have started using emulator. This allows them to play free to play mobile with the aid of an emulator. This tool offers players free to play game on their computer and at the same time, they can play with other players in the game. Surely, the rise of technology over the years contributed a lot in the overall success of PUBG.

Lastly, the ranking and matching system of the game is also the reasons behind the game’s success. Basically, PUBG ranking allows players to contest against other players. While the game is easy to learn, the game becomes more difficulty as the player progress in the game so they won’t get bored easily. Instead, lots of players will find the game very challenging and they would keep on playing PUBG until they reach the highest rankings. Furthermore, the ranking system of the game will also motivate and encourage other players to play more and contest with other players in a higher rank. The matchmaking will still be equalized because of the skill-based matching system. Steam alts is also used by other players for a more amazing gaming experience.

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