Escape from Tarkov- Beginner’s Guide for Success

This is going to be an interesting article for all the gaming boys out there that are fond of video games and that is basically half the population because it comprises of the youth, which are claimed to be the future of the nation.

Childhood is the best phase of life where you have nothing to worry about and everything is taken care of by the parents while their charges get to enjoy life to the fullest while they can at that age.

Kids require nothing more than a nice dose of fun, frolic and entertainment, which has become hard pressed to find these days purely due to a global pandemic but the lockdown period does help us to enjoy a nice new video game that came out a few years back.

High Expectation

While playing games nobody is interested in anything except the unlimited dose of entertainment that it provides to everyone that plays it for the entire duration of the play with some interesting plot twists and turns as befits any good video game.

Escape from Tarkov falls into the same category as it is has numerous action adventures where the players get to battle it out amongst each other alongside a parallel subplot involving political scandals, work ethics, corruption and other kinds of paraphernalia.

This was launched in 2017 as a shoot to kill adventure game where there is every man for himself with few friends to count upon and no one could go without killing atleast a dozen or so individuals in a bid to establish political supremacy.

But there is an interesting twist in the tale where you can learn more about the techniques involved in the game where there is every man for himself with strong ideals and an integrity that is severely lacking in the real world.

Nevertheless, as all political thrillers go, it has its fair share of rampant corruption, political scandals, sex trafficking and many other vices that one can think of that has plagued this society since time immemorial.

So you can see the high expectations that generate among the players that are looking for a nice and cool game that gives you the necessary adrenaline rush that any good venture should.


For beginners, they need to take care of the following points for Escape from Tarkov while playing:

  • While taking up a mission, always follow one map but most people commit the blunder of having different maps and it doesn’t help that Tarkov is a huge city that has confused turnings at every step as one Tarkov shop is different from the other despite being on opposite sides and doing the same business
  • If you’re a beginner, then starting out on this dangerous venture without an insurance would have setbacks due to the losses incurred during the battles that take place
  • People new to the game move items through keys but there is an easier way to do it and that is by pressing Ctrl and then clicking on the items that have been taken as part of the loot

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