Easy Magic Tricks Your Kids Will Love To Perform

Kids love magic as much as they love the toys, which is why in this article, you will come to know about the magic tricks for your kids that they will love to perform. They are kids, so the tricks will be, according to them, like easy and full of laughter. Magical tricks can easily leave anyone spellbound, or you can win the hearts of your kids right away. It will be like an e magical moment for them which they will remember for their life.

The main thing to keep in mind while performing magic is that if you are performing for kids, then you should make them feel like they are adults, while on the other hand, while performing magic tricks in front of the adults, you should make them feel like they are kids. This is the ways in which you can make them feel special.

Different tricks that you should keep in mind

There are many, but among them, we will be going to know about the best and easiest in the list. You can easily make your kids learn those tricks as that will help them to show off a little bit in front of their friends or the family member.

Here are those tricks for you-

  • Rubber pencil

You can get them the rubber pencil, which becomes into the complete rubber by shaking it at the right speed. It looks like the pencil has just transformed from wood to the rubber, and it takes loads of practice. Instead of skills, you should work on the practice part the most as it will help you in many ways.

  • Spoon bending

To perform this trick, the age of the kid should be 5 minimum, and there is nothing special required as all you need to keep in mind is to slide down the hand along the handle. It looks like the spoon is bending, but in reality, it isn’t, and it can be performed easily by the kids. It requires practice, that’s it, so keep this thing in mind.

  • Disappearing coin

The next thing which can leave everyone spellbound is the disappearing coin trick. It will help in developing the brain and motor skills of your kids, so you should teach them this one. It will get easier after practice, and also it requires a little bit of skill, so make sure that you are keeping this thing in mind.

  • Magnetic pencil

This trick can easily fool anyone as in this only one thing is required, which is called a magical pencil, and make sure that there should be on the wrist to hold the magnet. It will look like you are holding the pencil without using fingers. There is no skill required in this case as you need to keep trying until you get an expert in it.

  • Pluck a coin from the air

It required a little bit of set up as you need to gather basic tape, twig, safety pin, and some books for distraction. You can watch tutorial videos over online services by which you will come to know about how to master this trick right away. One thing to keep in mind is that it requires practice day and night, so this thing needs to be done.

  • Cup through the table
The things which are required as well as essential are a big piece of paper, a cup, small objects like a coin, and the table. You can easily fool the audience by digging down the cup on the table simply by pushing it. In reality, it won’t happen by it is the best to trick the people and kids can easily perform it.
  • Levitating card

Your kid can easily trick the audience by levitating the card in the hand. The only thing requires is the plastic and super glue that’s it. You should not let the people to touch the card, which is why you should perform it over video call as that would help in making them believe then yes, the card is in the air.

  • Pass the egg through an impossible small hole

It is obvious that people won’t believe the egg would pass through the hole, and that is the time when you will come in action. All you need to have is cooled, peeled hard-boiled egg, matches, or lighter. You should make sure to have an assistant that can light the paper, and the heat will be going to make the egg pass through the small hole of the bottle.

These are some of the tricks that you can teach your kids easily via online services. Also, on the other hand, you should make them sure that practice is required as, without that, they cannot be able to perfectly perform the tricks in front of the audience.

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