Double Jump Mod For Minecraft 1.11/1.9

I’m going to have to hand down for this Double Jump Mod. You know what I mean right? It’s probably one of the simplest mod that both you and I have ever seen. As it will do exactly like just the title suggests, so there is nothing more to expect from it except the new and useful ability that will be given. Let’s just check it out!

Double Jump Mod is mod that most of us have been waiting for. There is nothing to explain much about the mod because the title explains it all. Anyways, is it going to be useful or not, it depends on you guys preferences. So, what you will get from installing this mod is the new ability to double jump. You will be able to jump for 2 blocks above rather than one regularly. However, this kind of mod should’ve been existed in the Vanilla Minecraft at the very first place. Most of you might totally agree with me right? But it seems like they are worried about making the game too realistic and natural. That’s also a good point though that they focused on that, but we can’t get enough of this. Moreover, with the double jump, you will be able to scale large structure or high building much faster with less difficulty.

If you have ever wished to do the double jump in the world of Minecraft, this Double Jump Mod is heavily recommended for you.  This allows you to have full access Minecraft accounts with so many possibilities. It might sound weird at first, but you need to try it out first to see if I’m not exaggerating. However, it seems like using this mod in a single-player world would be no problem, but for multi-player server, you need to have the mod installed for both servers otherwise it will cease to function. Just keep in mind that.

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