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Joy Bauer has a significant presence in the diets for weight loss field with her diet including leptoconnect, and she shares her insights frequently on the Today Show. She is a qualified nutritionist who brings a refreshingly original approach to the concept of how to lose weight through control of dietary intake. Her ideas are down to earth and reasonable. She presents practical suggestions without radical requirements, putting her concept within reach of many people who may have failed with traditional diets.

She believes that successful diets for weight loss are not rocket science but are within reach for anyone who works on the plan. To begin with, she clearly states that diet alone is not enough. To take advantage of the dietary recommendations that she has developed, a person has to accept the necessity of doing regular exercise. She does not require extensive or extreme exertion, but she does insist on a program that provides at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, with no exceptions.

For the dietary part of her program, her recommendations are remarkably simple. They are so reasonable that anyone could easily figure them out for themselves. She heartily approves of eating what nature makes so attractive with vivid colors. Diets for weight loss simply rely on the beautiful hues of fruits and vegetables that adorn the supermarket shelves and the roadside stands.

Just think of the cornucopia of colors that are found in the red tomato, green cucumber and broccoli, purple eggplant and plums, yellow squash, white cauliflower, and all the other delicacies that fit along nature’s magnificent color spectrum. One doesn’t have to contemplate very long before realizing that fruits and vegetables are beautiful and inviting for a sound reason. Diets for weight loss rely on them.

So her diets for weight loss include fruits and vegetables, foods that have low carbohydrate content, good fats, and lean proteins. She maintains that a person who follows her recommendation for a combination of the right foods and a small amount of exercise can lose five pounds in a week. She suggests that the program can produce a consistent weight loss of that amount for every week that it is followed.

She does not overlook the importance of a person’s mental outlook and emotional wellbeing as important parts of a successful weight loss program. To achieve the optimal results, a person following the program needs to release any negative feelings about their body. Previous unsuccessful attempts may have left people feeling discouraged about their ability to succeed in a new attempt, so she wants those released.

Then she wants candidates for the program to relearn which foods to eat in order to make them feel good. It may take a sea change for some who have developed a preference for high-fat foods to learn something new. But she wants everyone to give it a try. Her encouragement is unfailing.

Following those steps, she wants everyone to change their lifestyle so that it centers more on activity than on inactivity. Calories are burned more readily when the body is in motion instead of sitting in front of the television set. So she asks people who want to work with the program to include more physical activities in a day and to expend more energy. She knows it works.

Finally, she is so confident of success for people who endorse and adopt her diets for weight loss program that she wants them to show off what they have accomplished. She believes that it is important to present a new attitude along with the new body that appears as a result of her weight loss through the diet program.

Summary: Joy Bauer’s diets for weight loss offer common-sense recommendations regarding food intake and exercise. Her program offers the hope of success for many who may never have experienced it.

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