Developers Of Pasir Ris 8

Pasir Ris 8 is one of the finest residential areas located in the central place of Singapore. It is known because of its proximity to various primary, secondary and international schools, shopping malls, restaurants, bus services, etc. Besides that, there are many nature walks and beach picnic spots also located near this place. You can visit this place using MRT services and bus services. The schools located near this place are almost within walking distance. Paris Ris 8 is one of the residential places located in the area of Pasir Ris in Singapore. The Allgreen and Kerry Properties are the developers of Pasir Ris 8. Before knowing in detail about the developers of this extraordinary property, let us know about the history of Pasir Ris. 

History Of Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris is a developed area in Singapore that is located on its Eastern side. The regions like Upper Changi Road North, Sungei Serangoon, Serangoon Harbour, and Tampines Expressway borders this area. Pasir Ris was initially known for the villages and kampongs located in this area. During the 1950s, it was a popular water skiing destination. 

Pasir Ris implies a Malay word meaning ‘white sand’. White sandy beaches border the north-eastern coast of Singapore. Thus, this place got its name from there in 1852. During the earlier days, a few of the kampongs that lived in this place were Kampong Pasir Ris, Kampong Bahru, and many Chinese Kampongs. Apart from water skiing, the region of Pasir Ris was also famous for its plantation estates which were

  • Thai Min Estate
  • Loh Lam Estate
  • Singapore United Plantations
  • Hun Yeang Estate

Between the 1950s and 1970s, water skiing became popular, and Pasir Ris hotel was known as one of the famous places for holding gatherings and parties. By the end of 1980, the new town of Pasir Ris came into the picture. Pasir Ris 8 is one of the parts of this new town. You will come to know about its developers further below.

Developers Of Pasir Ris 8 

Two of the developers of Pasir Ris 8 are 

  • Allgreen Properties-

This company started functioning in 1986, and it was listed on Singapore Stock Exchange in 1999. Later it was bought by Brookvale Investments Private Limited. There are around 35 subsidiary companies and 13 associated companies of this property. A few of the projects that have been constructed under their banner are

  1. Great World City Shopping mall
  2. Fourth Avenue Residences
  3. Amber Point
  4. Baywater
  5. Blossoms at Woodleigh
  6. Bukit Regency
  7. Binjai Crest

  • Kerry Properties-

It is a Hong Kong-based property investment and property development company operating since 1978. It also has its properties in China. This company is expanding its real estate business with innovative solutions. A few of the projects that have been constructed as part of these properties are

  1. Fuzhou Rivercity
  2. Beijing Kerry Residence
  3. The Metropolis-Arcadia Port
  4. Hangzhou Kerry Centre


Thus, Pasir Ris 8 is one of the amazing residential places constructed by both the developers that will be one of the famous places in future in Singapore.

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