CBD: How Long Does it Stay In Our System?

Despite the fact that CBD has been gaining lots of popularity across the globe, it is not avoidable that there are still some questions that customers are asking. One of those is how long CBD will stay in our system after consuming it. If that is also your concern or question, you are in the right place, this article will go through some of the details related to answering that question. 

Typically, CBD will stay in our system for two to five days. However, this range doesn’t apply to all people. You have to keep in mind that the effects of CBD may vary from one individual to another. Hence, for other people, CBD can stay in their system for a couple of weeks. The variation of how long CBD will stay in the human system depends on several factors. One of those is the amount of CBD consumed by an individual. Usually, the higher the dose you consume, the longer the time CBD will stay in your system. It also depends on how often you use CBD. The frequency of your usage will also affect the longevity of the stay of CBD in your body. Basically, over time, CBD builds up in your body and you are using it regularly.

Hence, this is the reason why experts recommend using CBD for at least 7 days for you to see if it is effective in your condition. The kind of your body also determines how long CBD will stay in your body. As mentioned earlier, the effects and stay of CBD vary from one person to another because everyone has his or her own body which is different from others. Hence, your body’s water content, BMI, metabolism are just some of the factors that can influence how long CBD stays in your system. The food that you consume also affects CBD in your body. The amount of food you eat, the kinds of food you eat and the frequency of time you eat also determine how long CBD stays in your system. But generally, if you take CBD with your stomach empty, it gets eliminated and metabolized faster than it does when you take CBD on a full stomach. Lastly, the method of CBD use also affects the stay of CBD in your system. As you may know, there are different methods of using or taking CBD. Each method affects everything from the onset and duration of the effects and of course, to how long CBD will stay in your body. Some of the forms of CBD products that you can find in the market include CBD edibles, vaping, oils and tinctures, capsules and pills, and even creams and solution. 

Overall, CBD will stay in your body depending on several factors as mentioned earlier in this article. But regardless of everything, always keep in mind that it would always vary from one person to another. Our body is different from others and it matters a lot. 

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