Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a set of clinical symptoms which is characterized by major symptoms of pain or other feelings of discomfort in your lower spine area and surrounding areas.

Many people ask whether the lower back pain complaint is not because of kidney?

The anatomical location of the kidneys is higher in the middle between the neck and buttocks. So, back pain complaints are far location from the kidney. Why are many people who experience lower back pain commonly referred to as lumbago?

The following are some causes of lower back pain.

1. Mechanical Factors

More than 90% of back pain cases are caused by mechanical factors. In general we know that most of one’s body weight supported or charged in the lower back region. So the more fat a person is accepted by the burden of the lower back will be more severe, so it has lumbago. Likewise, when the condition of pregnancy and the use of high heels. Besides the daily activities with a long standing, long walks, sit long in the wrong position, bent position such as lifting something, all the potential to cause back pain complaints.

The emergence of back pain complaints due to this mechanical factor arises because of interference with the muscle stiffness and excessive muscle tension.

2. Trauma

In certain circumstances pain may occur suddenly happened or movement due to the wrong position at the time of exercise, lifting weights, and the sudden change of position. All that muscle injury on blood vessels rupture of the muscles around the waist causing bruising.

3. Osteoporosis

Behind a porous bone (osteoporosis) causes pain. Be careful in middle age and old age. Roentgens examination is necessary to detect osteoporosis in the spine. It is important that as you grow older, you have a Progressive Spine so you can maintain a good posture.

4. Tumor

Although the incidence is less, need to be careful when the back pain accompanied by weakness or paralysis, feeling heavy in the legs.

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