Cheat Days Fat Loss Diets – Learn about the diets

Yes, we just used the words “cheat day” as a verb – and for people who have been on Paleo trying to lose weight, cheat day can be one of the sweetest word combinations they could ever hope to hear. A cheat day can be an effective strategy for some people, and a decision with […]

Why A High Protein Diet Can Burn Fat Efficiently

A high protein diet can burn fat effectively if it is approached in the proper way. Firstly there will be a transition period as your body is encouraged to burn fat. Over time the body will get used to to certain eating habits and rely on a steady stream of energy from the different kinds […]

Why Exercise Regularly?

I was thinking about exercising today. I have a semi standard routine but I sometimes let the drama of the day get in my way. Today I thought to myself, “why do I really exercise regularly?” I have a cardio routine and a resistance training routine. I work out in a group sometimes. Sometimes I […]

Calcium Pyruvate Weight Loss – Know about the pills

Calcium pyruvate weight loss is the supplementation with pyruvate has been a hot topic in recent scientific research and has been associated with an increase in fat loss and weight when combined with a calorie restricted diet. Pyruvate, known as calcium pyruvate, is beneficial for healthy immune function, increased energy and, as mentioned above, the […]