Dating Sites like “eHarmony” Vs. Social Networking to Find Someone

I just received some junk email from eHarmony today peddling their services. It made me wonder, in this day and age if people still use services like eHarmony,, Yahoo! Personals,,, or any other service when you can get a truer sense of what people are really like on social networking sites. The […]

Social Networking Sites Can Endanger Your Job

Social networking sites are the web sensation of this year but many people, in an attempt to up their page views, comments, and wall posts have resorted to a number of questionable tactics. If you are a professional and you are a member of a social networking site then this article is a must read […]

Social Networking Sites

As a general rule, I don’t like Social Networking Sites. The basic structures they tend to be based around don’t suit me and I’ve always felt awkward with communicating in a scattershot way on the internet. Email and instant messaging I’m comfortable with, that is generally one on one communication, but this communicating with many […]